Teen Mom High School Diploma Programs

National teen pregnancy dropout statistics indicate that only 38% of young women who become pregnant while attending school will graduate with a high school diploma. Nearly a million teenage moms have babies every year and approximately seven out of ten will drop out before completing high school. When you choose CHS for your teen mom high school diploma programs, you can choose from our online learning or unplugged individualized learning options as well as benefit from the CHS credit recovery for individual courses already earned. Living in the real world requires students to deal many differing circumstances that can lead to them dropping out of high school due to early pregnancy or parenthood.

Every year, over a million students drop out of high school in the United States. That is one student every twenty-six seconds or approximately seven thousand a day and most never receive a high school diploma. Moreover, estimates suggest that twenty-five percent of all high school freshmen will fail to graduate from high school on time. By exercising the self-discipline to complete one of our teen mom high school diploma programs, you are meeting important requirements for many job applications and prerequisites for higher education. Whether you decide to study online or prefer the distance learning for pregnant teens program, every hour spent will be well worth it once you earn your high school diploma.

Teen Mom High School Diploma Programs

At CHS, we have designed an innovative pathway designed for Teen Moms that wraps your education around what you already do has a parent. To learn more click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any eligibility requirements?

There are no requirements for the Teen Mom Elective Course.

How do I get assistance from my Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches can be reached via email. All student emails must come from your Canvas account. Please allow your Learning Coach 24 hours to return emails and 48 hours to provide grading feedback Monday through Friday.

How long are the courses?

Teen Mom Electives are up to one-year in length.

How long does it typically take a person to complete a course?

Courses are designed to take one year to complete. There are 26 Journeys in each course. One Journey takes two weeks to complete. But remember…all CHS courses are self- paced and completion time really depends on you!

How many exams are in each course?

There are no exams in our Teen Mom electives.

Is Citizens’ High School accredited?

Citizens’ High school is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools (MSACESS).

What are Teen Mom Electives?

Students are encouraged to explore and learn about the science of early learning to build their child’s brain in ways that help their learning, health, and behavior both now and in the future. Courses provide students the freedom to take charge of their family’s learning by deciding what, when, and how they learn. Teen Mom Electives are designed to give students more time to educate their child by adding learning to everyday situations – mealtime, playtime, bedtime, bathtime, anytime!

What courses are available?

Cooking Course

Parent & Child Development Directed Reading

Child Development Practicum

What is a Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches provide students with one-on-one, online support while completing Teen Mom electives. Learning Coaches personally understand the demands of being a teen parent and are trained to help navigate students on their education journey.

What is the difference between a high school diploma and GED?


Why should I take Teen Mom courses versus other online courses – why is the price so different?

Teen Mom Electives are apart of our premium course offerings. CHS premium courses provide students with more flexibility and freedom to customize their learning from our standard courses. Students taking Teen Mom Electives courses are assigned learning coaches that provided one-on-one support in completing course assignments. The monthly tuition allows us to design courses based on the interests of our students.

Teen Pregnancy Dropout Statistics
0% of pregnant teens graduate with a high school diploma
of young women who become pregnant while still attending high school will graduate with a high school diploma
students drop out of high school each day
of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time
of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time
25% of High School freshman fail to graduate on time