Diploma Programs for Struggling to Gifted Students

Whether you are a struggling student, an advanced or gifted student, or a student-athlete, it is no longer necessary for you to receive a high school diploma from a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. The gold standard is met when you successfully demonstrate a mastery of the appropriate high school academic skills. There are numerous life circumstances that prevent an otherwise capable high school student from getting his or her degree on time. Based on your missing requirements, it could take as little as a few months to a couple of years to complete our high school diploma for struggling to gifted students and earn your high school credentials.

Earning a high school diploma is indicative of someone who is ready to tackle the academic challenges of college or trade school, as well as those who are better prepared to enter the job market or military service. Students who only needed a handful of credits to earn a diploma should consider an adult high school education program like CHS where they can take the classes needed for completion by participating in our credit recovery program. While there are online high schools that can issue a valid high school diploma, some programs advertised as an alternative are not properly accredited to do so.

Diplomas for Struggling to Gifted Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer high school diploma programs for struggling students?

Yes, we do. The general studies program is designed for students who want to enter the job market, the military, or continue their education at a technical school or community college. Our academic studies program is designed for students who want to enter a four-year college or university. Both allow struggling students to complete the requirements for his or her diploma at their own pace.

Is a high school diploma better than a GED credential?

Although the edge typically goes to students who hold a high school diploma, a GED, or certificate of completion for a high school equivalency exam, may satisfy entry requirements for a local community college. However, most four-year institutions prefer a high school transcript with a diploma or a transfer after completing junior college coursework.

Do you offer a high school diploma program for student athletes?

Yes, we understand the challenges that student atheletes face and how easy it is for them to fall behind in their schoolwork. Whether your student athelte's ultimate goal is to go to college, attend a trade school, enter the workforce, or join the military, a high school diploma is gold standard for graduation

Can't I take the GED equivalency exam and be done with it?

Although taking the GED may seem faster, nothing can replace the learning experience of proper schooling. High school equivalency exams only satisfy a prerequisites but does not provide students with discipline that comes from completing high school coursework to meet established academic requirements for acceptance to a post-secondary school, the military or workforce.

CHS for Student Athletes

High School Diploma Programs for Student-Athletes

Why is the CHS a Good Choice For Student-Athletes?

  • More Opportunities to Play Chosen Sport
  • More Time for Training & Practice
  • The Athlete Can Access Lessons Anytime & Anywhere
  • Improve GPA for Eligibility
  • More Focused Learning