Diplomas for Military Families

Are you a member of a military family searching for a flexible high school diploma program? Of the many sacrifices your family makes to serve our country, your family's education should not be one of them. CHS recognizes that military families nowadays relocate together and to all the far-reaching corners of the globe. Whether your children or spouse had his or her education interrupted for you to serve, we have an online and distance learning option for diplomas for military families that can travel with you.

CHS High School Diploma Programs for Military Family Members

A high school diploma from CHS is a Tier 1, which means all branches of the military accept our diplomas, transcripts and credits.

  • Quality education that can be completed from anywhere in the world
  • Curriculum that allows students to work at their own pace
  • Courses that allow students to pick up where they left off no matter where they move
  • Superior academic support from our state-certified teachers and academic advisors

The gold standard for academic achievement is met when you successfully demonstrate a mastery of the CHS course curriculum.

We Support Military Families

The most viable route to enlist in the armed services or to get accepted to a top college or university is to be a graduate of a Tier 1 high school. High school equivalency exams, like the GED, only provide a Tier 2 certification and do not carry the same academic weight. For enlistment, holders of a high school diploma are more readily accepted for military service in all branches. CHS diplomas for military families provide students with a specified course curriculum that can be completed at their own pace. Moreover, you have access to our state-certified teachers and advisors.

Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have diploma programs for active-duty military dependents?

Yes, we do. CHS has two fully-accredited diplomas for military families. One offers online high school courses while the other is a more traditional distance learning high school completion program. Our student services department can assist with any questions you have about earning a diploma from Citizens' High School.

How long does it take to get diplomas for military families at CHS?

While a traditional high school diploma takes up to four years to complete, CHS online and unplugged diploma programs allow you to study at your own pace. Since some students need fewer credits, completion time varies. Check our Programs menu for information about our individual courses, online high school diploma program and options for distance learning.

Do you offer a high school equivalency exam?

No. Although completing the process for a GED represents less of a time commitment than attaining a high school diploma, it does not mean that it is academically easier. Plus, many employers, universities and branches of the military give preference to those with a Tier 1 high school diploma. A GED certificate is a Tier 2 accreditation. 

How is CHS a better option for earning a diploma?

While there are online high schools that can issue a valid high school diploma, some programs advertised as an online alternative are not properly accredited to issue diplomas for military families. CHS online and unplugged high school diploma programs are categorized as Tier 1 certificate.

Are CHS high school diploma programs for students of all ages?

Students who failed to complete a traditional high school program for whatever reason, as well as adult military family members who did not complete high school, can earn their diplomas online or through a distance learning approach to receive a fully-accredited diploma.