Online High School Guidance Counselors

The role of a high school guidance counselor is to work with students at a time when they are often faced with a multitude of complexities. If you are a guidance counselor that has a student who cannot complete your high school’s requirements for graduation, we encourage you to discuss with them the online possibilities and options that are available. CHS online high school programs are geared to work in a variety of formats for students who find attending classes at a conventional high school just doesn’t work for them. Citizens’ High School offers accredited programs with highly qualified instructors that strive to make education a fulfilling and affordable option.

At Citizens’ Online High School, we cater to students who have difficulty with their studies as well as the student who excels and wishes to move through the material at a more advanced pace than is possible in the customary classroom setting. Plus, we make it easy for guidance counselors to assist students with their exploration of options for receiving a high school diploma; just give us a call. CHS has a program that will meet the needs of students who have trouble socially or behaviorally as well as students who cannot attend a traditional high school for other reasons. Simply submit the student’s transcripts and we will find the program that works best.

Role of a High School Guidance Counselor

Identification and Interaction for the Student's Future

A high school guidance counselor wears many hats throughout a student's lifecycle and has a responsibility to:

  • Provide opportunities for exploring different fields
  • Identify the best educational path for each student
  • Address career goals and implement proper planning
  • Find solutions to academic, social and physiological problems
  • Provide alternatives routes for achieving academic needs

Working with older students, the role of the high school counselor becomes even more multi-faceted in helping them cope with intense social and academic pressures to succeed.