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Voluntary Teach Out


Citizens High School To Conduct Voluntary Teach Out

After 35 years of helping tens of thousands of students improve their lives by earning a high school diploma, the Citizens’ High School Administration has voluntarily decided to start the wind-down process of the school’s operations and teach-out all enrolled students. Everything will be business as usual until October 2019 when the school discontinues full-time teaching.

Every student currently enrolled in Citizens’ High School will continue to receive the highest possible level of service and teaching assistance during this gradual tiered phasing out of operations. As of September 19, 2016, Citizens’ High School will continue to accept enrollments from students that need the 11th and 12th grade or Individual Courses only. Every student who finishes the assigned work will earn an accredited high school diploma.

Citizens’ High School’s accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission will remain in full effect through the entire teach-out period.

The decision was made because the school’s ownership has elected to retire from the education field. Citizens’ High School’s longstanding reputation will in no way be affected by this decision, and the students and alumni of the school can always point with pride to their high school credential as being one of the very finest in the nation.

All student records, at the appropriate time, will be turned over to a storage transcript service to provide CHS alumni official transcripts and diplomas for many years to come.

For any questions, please email, or call 904-276-1700.
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