Transcripts Process

Transcripts Process

Transferring from a US High School or an International High School can seem complicated and overwhelming. CHS makes transferring manageable and timely. CHS will guide you through every step of the process. Whether you are transferring from a US school system or an International school system, the purpose of the CHS Transfer Credit program is to provide a seamless transition of credit from your last education experience to your program of choice at Citizens High School.   

The acceptance of transfer credit is based on either (1) official transcripts that are accepted at face value, subject to the CHS validation process or (2) if the student does not possess an official transcript (some international students) or a home education student, these student's courses will be validated using the CHS Alternative Validation Procedure.  


High School Credit Transfers From Previous Accredited Schools

You may use the Printable Request Form to request an official transcript form your current middle or high school.  Transcripts will only be accepted from an accredited school.  Please forward transcripts to our student services office by email, fax or mail.  Our team will evaluate your transcripts to determine which courses will transfer toward your high school diploma.  Simply Take These Steps:  1) Contact your previous school and submit a transcript request form:  Printable Request Form 2) Ask the school to send an official copy of the transcript  3) Transcripts will be evaluated according to our graduation requirements 4) CHS will specify which courses you'll need to complete for graduation.  


Homeschool Transcripts Process

Download: Homeschool Validation Forms Here    

For a student to receive credit for courses completed via home education, our student services team will need the following information:  

1) A completed and signed Home School Grade Transcript of the student's credits earned in grades 9-12

2) A completed and signed Home School Curriculum Validation listing the educational materials used for each subject completed in grades 9-12 

3) A completed and signed Home School Education Evaluation of the student's academic progress in grades 9-12.   

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International Student Transcripts Process

All transcripts from other countries must be translated by a third party and all records must be in English.  Our Preferred third-party services are World Education Service and Global Services Associates, Inc. Please submit completed evaluations to Student Services through email, fax or mail.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an unofficial transcript evaluated?

Yes, we can evaluate an unofficial transcript but an official transcript will need to be sent within 60 days of enrolling.

Can Transfer credits help me decrease my tuition costs?

Absolutely! This will decrease the number of courses you need in order to graduate. 

Do credits at non accredited schools transfer?

No, CHS accepts transfer credits earned from other accredited schools and homeschool curriculums. 

How do I get my transcripts?

You will need to reach out to your prior high school.

How long does it take to evaluate a transcript?

Transcripts will be evaluated within 48 Business Hours.

How many courses can I transfer in?

You can transfer up to 75% of the credits needed to graduate. 25% of the credits will need to be earned with Citizens High School.

What grade levels do I need on my transcript?

Any high school credits earned including Foreign Languages or Math (Pre-Algebra and above earned in 8th grade). 

What if I am not able to get my high school transcript?

We will start you at the 9th-grade level as long as you have completed 8th grade.

What is the difference between an official and unofficial transcript?

An official transcript carries the signature of an administrator and the seal of the educational institution and is kept inside a sealed envelope. A transcript that is mailed directly to us, faxed to us or emailed to us directly by a school official can count as an official transcript.  An unofficial transcript is a copy of the official transcript.  This includes pictures taken of transcripts, emails forwarded to us and envelopes opened no longer containing the seal of the educational institution. 

Will all my credits transfer?

You can transfer up to 75% of the credits needed to graduate. Since High School programs vary, an evaluation will be done to determine the number of transfer credits awarded.