Terms & Conditions of Enrollment Agreement

Citizens' High School is offering the deferred tuition payment plan listed below:

Amount Financed
The amount of credit provided to you.
Finance Charge
The dollar amount the credit will cost you.
Annual Percentage Rate
The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.
Total of Payments
The amount you will have paid when you have made all scheduled payments
Total Sale Price
Total Sale Price is the total of your purchase on credit.

You have the right to receive a repayment for the amount financed. The payment schedule can be found in the student portal, under Tuition.

MODIFICATIONS - The amount reflected above is for an incoming 9th grader who will be enrolled for all four years. Any transfer credits accepted will reduce the amount financed based upon the number of credits that are transferred.

LATE PAYMENTS – CHS does not charge late fees for tuition payments.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE – The student will make 1 payment per month of $59.00 on the first day of the month, no more than 36 months after the date of signing this Agreement

EXTENSION - The length of this agreement is for 3 years. If the student requires more time, the student may extend this contract for up to 6 months past the agreement end date.

PREPAYMENT - Prepayment may be made in whole or in part at any time without penalty. No prepayment shall be credited as a future payment or affect the obligation to make installments thereafter coming due. Payments will never be called in full prior to the arranged payment schedule above.

APPROVAL DISCLOSURE - This notice contains the terms specific to your approved loan. The borrower has up to 30 calendar days to accept this offer. By signing the enrollment agreement, the signee agrees to the terms of the loans and agrees to follow the repayment schedule.

FINAL DISCLOSURE - This disclosure is made 5 business days before the loan is disbursed. The loan will not be disbursed until the 5 business days have elapsed. The borrower may cancel the loan within this 5 day period.

By signing the terms of conditions of the enrollment agreement, I acknowledge the receipt of the Truth in Lending Disclosure:


Citizens' High School is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). For further information call 202-234-5100 or visit www.deac.org.
Citizens' High School is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Citizens' High School is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools. For further information visit www.msa-cess.org
Citizens' High School is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools


You may be eligible to receive up to 13.5 transfer credits for high school courses you have already completed. Tuition and the number of courses may be adjusted upon review of grade transcripts from your previous high school(s). You will be notified in writing of any changes. Acceptance of transfer credits from CHS to another school is determined by the receiving school.


Citizens' High School is confident you will be happy with your program. In the unlikely event, you should wish to discontinue, Citizens' High School will refund your tuition according to the following refund policy which meets the refund policy published by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission. You may request cancellation in any manner, but written request is recommended.

Withdraw... Owe...
1-5 Days after enrolling with CHS
If enrollment cancellations is requested within five (5) days from midnight of the day on which the enrollment is signed, the school will issue a full refund 0.00 (100% Refund)
6 Days or more after enrolling with CHS
If enrollment cancellation is requested within five (5) days from midnight of the day on which the enrollment agreement is signed, and after one or more lesson assignments have been submitted to the school for grading:

The percentage of total tuition owed will be equal to the percentage of lesson assignments completed by the student out of the total number of assignments needed to meet the program requirements.

  1. A student enrolled in the high school diploma program has three (3) years from the original date of acceptance to complete his or her program. This contract will cease to be in effect after three years from the original date of acceptance. No requests for refunds after that date.
  2. A student enrolled in the individual course program has one (1) year from the original date of acceptance to complete courses taken individually. This contract will cease to be in effect after one year from the original date of acceptance. No requests for refunds after that date.
  3. This policy is based upon the total tuition cost of the program. Percent complete is determined by work submitted divided by total coursework assignments.

Refund calculation example


Any questions or problems not satisfactorily answered by the Student Services Department at Citizens' High School (904-276-1700) should be directed to (a)Office of Independent Education, FL Department of Education, 325 W. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399; phone: 800-447-1636; website address: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/private-schools/parent-info.stml or(b) the Distance Education Accrediting Commission website: http://www.deac.org; phone: 202-234-5100


Just as soon as we receive this enrollment agreement and the down payment, we will immediately send out the first course materials and instructions. After enrollment acceptance and the evaluation of official transcripts, if any, from previous high schools the student will be notified in writing of the required coursework he or she must complete for a Citizens High School diploma. Student is responsible for transcript request fees. Upon the completion of the Citizens' High School diploma program, and payment in full of all financial obligations to the school, the student will be awarded an accredited high school diploma. If unable to complete in the three-year time frame, the student may submit a written one-time extension request, see school policies in the CHS Bulletin for complete explanations of rights and duties of the school and student. Citizens' High School will not release student records, status, or records over the phone in accordance to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Student rights and responsibilities are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of some of their rights and responsibilities as students at Citizens' High School. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is civil and reflects openness to educational experiences. Students have a right to expect Citizens' High School to deliver "a quality high school diploma through distance education with a well-rounded academic foundation, leading to social and economic mobility." Students have a right to function in their daily activities within a safe and caring learning environment. Citizens' High School is committed to principles of honor and ethical conduct and expects the same from its students as outlined in the below Oath of Academic Integrity. It is the responsibility of students to act honorably and to understand student rights and responsibilities as well as procedures and consequences when their behaviors do not conform to school rules. Citizens' High School is a community of learning that supports the freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom from discrimination, and freedom of expression.

Oath of Academic Integrity

I understand that CHS expects all students to maintain a high sense of personal honor and integrity in the completion of all their academic work and that all work submitted for grading be the student's own. I hereby promise and certify that I will adhere to this commitment to academic honesty.