Reduce Your Time

How Transfer Credits Work

With Citizens' High School's unique monthly tuition payment model, the amount that you pay is equal to the amount of time you are in the program. While we enjoy our time with our students, what we enjoy more is seeing our alumni out in the world succeeding, and who said that high school needed to take 4 years? By using one or both of the two methods listed below you can start and finish with a high school diploma in as little as 3 months, which is a total tuition cost of $177.

Transfer Credit

In order to receive credit for previously completed high school courses (9th - 12th grades), an official grade transcript with school official signature and/or school seal must be sent directly to Citizens’ High School from each school previously attended. Transcripts not in English must be translated by a certified interpreter before Citizens' will evaluate them.

Take Extra Courses

Many people believe you can only take 6 high school courses a year. That is far from the truth. At CHS we have developed a learning model, that allows you to focus on specific subjects at a time which will increase content retention while also allowing the student to complete more courses throughout the year. By taking just 2 classes at a time the student is able to give more focus to the classes. This allows the student to better understand the material and move faster through the course.