At CHS, students may take the summer off but we never do. CHS gives you the flexibility to enjoy your summer break while making up credits for missed or failed high school courses at the same time. Our online high school courses are flexible and portable giving you the choice to study when and where you want. CHS' Summer School was developed, so eligible students can retake a course or complete extra coursework beyond the traditional high school curriculum during their summer break. This ensures your student is not behind when the next school year starts.

Summer truly is a great time for students to catch up, or get ahead on their studies, by earning high school course online. Best of all, there will still be plenty of time for summer employment and to enjoy their favorite activities. Don't miss the opportunity to travel with your kids this summer because of summer school. With our online high school courses and distance learning curriculum, you can do both!


Personalize Your Learning Experience 

Have you been searching online for a flexible option for fully accredited online high school courses? CHS offers an innovative approach for students to:

  • Make up credits from failed or incomplete courses
  • Progress faster toward graduation
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts in your brick and mortar school
  • Improve your GPA
  • Graduate on time with your class

Our diverse selection of individual courses in the Course Catalog allows high school students to make up credits for any class over the summer.

The first step for enrollment in individual courses is to obtain permission from your school counselor or principal and submit their contact information to our Student Services department. After completion of your course(s), we will issue an official grade transcript to your school.

Call A School Counselor At: 1-800-736-4723 

If you are ready to enroll now click the enroll button and begin the first step in a new journey for your life.