Online high school courses are a great way for you to supplement your traditional high school or homeschool curriculum. They are also a great way for you to earn your diploma years after you dropped out of high school or take classes that can help you obtain a job with higher pay. No matter your circumstance, take a deeper look at all that Citizens’ High School has to offer so you can earn a diploma that makes you proud.

Why Take Individual Courses?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to take individual courses instead of enrolling in a complete academic program through Citizens’ High School. Some of the most common reasons we see students take individual courses through us include the following:

  • Improve your overall GPA
  • Enroll in a school that allows you to take classes throughout the year
  • Move toward graduation at a quicker pace
  • Make up missed credits or classes
  • Solve scheduling issues caused by brick and mortar high schools
  • Supplement a traditional or homeschool curriculum

Individual courses are very affordable - $39 per month per course - and are designed to be completed by the student over a period of 16 weeks. With classes that can be completed in 16 weeks, you will find that it’s easy to schedule a time to study, complete papers, submit projects, and hit all of your deadlines without worrying about missing time at work or sacrificing time with your family.

Some other reasons to take individual online high school courses include the following:

  • Begin exploring your interests in various academic areas
  • Plan your future prior to graduation
  • Create a personal brand to help with college admission or the procurement of a job
  • Study electives that can prepare you for a career
  • Improve your high school diploma with unique electives 

How to Create Your Own Course Schedule

If you’ve decided to enroll in a Citizens’ High School program, you can create your own course schedule. This is especially beneficial if you are going to take individual online high school courses. There’s nothing stopping you from picking the courses you want to study, so long as they make sense for your diploma and career path. 

When you begin enrolling in these courses, it’s best to choose classes that meet the electives that suit your needs and goals. Electives are a great way to supplement your curriculum, earn credits towards your diploma, prepare for your career, and even prepare you for a college education.

Since our classes at Citizens’ High School are designed to be completed over a period of 16 weeks, you can schedule even the most intensive courses without worry. You won’t need to cancel shifts at your job or miss your child’s baseball game or piano recital. 

As you enroll in online classes, make sure you pick courses that supplement your curriculum, help you earn electives, and can guide you in the right direction as you plan a career or work towards a degree. There are no required classroom times with an online course. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. There are no designated study times, test times, or required times to be in front of the computer.

Pick the Curriculum That Works for You

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling in an individual course from Citizens’ High School is that you can pick the curriculum that works for you. Whether you need to earn missing credits while attending a traditional high school or supplement your homeschool curriculum, you can pick the classes that meet your needs. 

When you enroll in individual courses, you are not forced to take classes that do not interest you or do not fall into your planned course of study in college. Instead, you can take only classes that will help you earn your college degree or benefit you when you decide to enter the professional world after earning a high school diploma.

The individual courses offered by Citizens’ High School include the following:

  • English I-IV
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Journalism
  • Computer Applications & Keyboarding with Skills for Success
  • Speech Communication & Debate
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry
  • Financial Literacy
  • Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • World History
  • U.S. History
  • U.S. Government
  • Economics with Financial Literacy
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Physical Education
  • Earth Space Science
  • Physical Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Biology + Lab
  • Spanish I & II

All of the courses listed above are offered with the Citizens’ High School online program, while most are offered in the Citizens’ High School unplugged program. The only five courses not available in the unplugged program are Reading for College Success, Writing for College Success, Financial Literacy, and Spanish I & II.

When you enroll in the Citizens’ High School online high school courses listed above, you can choose the curriculum that works best for you. There’s no need to pick courses that do not overlap since you can study at your own pace and when you are available to do so.

Tips for Passing Individual Courses

Many students who take individual courses do so because they need to complete credits in order to graduate, want to take electives for college, or want to supplement their homeschool curriculum. It can be challenging to take just one course and succeed. Why? When you have just one course on your slate it can be easy to procrastinate as you go to work, go out with friends, or enjoy time with your family. Below, you will find some important tips for passing individual courses:

  • Create a calendar of due dates
  • Schedule time to study daily and weekly
  • Set aside time to write papers and complete projects
  • Utilize free time wisely
  • Avoid distractions during scheduled study time
  • Study at the local library
  • Find a quiet place in your home to study
  • Never have a television on in the background when working
  • Try to create a study group
  • Contact teachers when you are stuck or have a question

The more time you dedicate each week to completing your online high school courses, the less likely it will be that you fail the class and have to retake it. Just remember that these courses will help you earn your high school diploma, leading you to a college education or your profession right after high school.

Earn a Diploma with Online High School Courses

The most important benefit you will find when enrolling in online high school courses is that they will be credited towards your diploma. When you study in a program offered by Citizens’ High School, all of the classes you take will help you earn a high school diploma. There are no courses on our docket that cannot earn you credit towards your diploma. This is why more and more people are enrolling in online courses. They will not be wasting time studying and completing projects only to have the credits not count towards graduation or their diploma.

A diploma earned entirely online through Citizens’ High School will be worth the same as a diploma earned at a traditional high school. Why? Citizens’ High School is an accredited program. In fact, we have earned accreditation from four different organizations in our 40 years of education. Citizens’ High School has earned the following accreditations:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools
  • Distance Education Accrediting Commission
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Florida Department of Education

All of these accreditations mean that your diploma from Citizens’ High School will carry the same weight as a diploma from another public or private high school in your area. This is a big reason why many students are turning to online education in this fast-paced world. They can still earn a high school diploma while working, raising a family, or taking part in other ventures and not worry that the diploma will carry less weight.

Prepare for Work or Higher Education

The great thing about the programs offered by Citizens’ High School is that they will prepare you to either enter the workforce or obtain a degree from an institution of higher learning. There are two tracks offered for our students and the decision as to which track to enter is left completely up to the student. We do not force students towards one track or the other. If you want to enter the workforce after obtaining your diploma, you should enroll in the General Studies Program. If you plan to attend college after high school, you should enroll in the Academic Studies Program.

The bottom line is that online high school courses are designed to benefit the student at all times. These courses benefit the student’s schedule, their free time, their family time, and their overall education experience. If you need to earn missing credits in order to obtain your high school diploma, want to take electives in preparation for college, or simply want to study entirely online - the various programs from Citizens’ High School offer plenty of options for students of all ages across the country. Enroll today!

Check Out Our Available Courses

CHS Online CHS Online Credit Recovery Courses CHS Unplugged
x x English I x
x x English II x
x x English III x
x x English IV x
x Reading and Writing Skills
x Journalism x
x Computer Applications & Keyboarding with Skills for Success x
x Speech Communication & Debate x
x x Pre-Algebra x
x x Algebra I x
x x Algebra II x
x x Geometry x
x Financial Literacy
x Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance x
x E-Commerce x
x x World History x
x x U.S. History x
x x U.S. Government x
x x Economics with Financial Literacy x
x x Geography  x
x Psychology x
x Physical Education x
x x Earth Space Science x
x x Physical Science x
x x Environmental Science x
x x Biology + Lab x
x Spanish I
x Spanish II
x Cooking
x Directed Reading in Parent and Child Development
x Parent and Child Development Practicum
x African-Americans in Sports
x African-Americans in Politics and Leadership
x African-Americans in the Civil War
x African-Americans in Culture
x African-Americans in Sociology
x African-Americans in the Modern Day
x Slavery and Reconstruction in the United States
x African-American Women
x African-Americans and U.S. History
x African-Americans and Urban Studies
x African-Americans and the Civil Rights Movement