CHS Español Pathway


The CHS Español Pathway

Are you ready to obtain your high school diploma from the comfort of your home? Then we have the right resource for you! Citizens' High School Español Pathway is a resource completely online designed in a parallel format exclusively for students whose primary language is Spanish. It means that students will view their courses in English and Spanish simultaneously. This parallel format will help students navigate through our courses in their own language while submerging themselves in our American culture. But we're not done yet. In addition to receiving a parallel format, students will have access to our ESOL courses which will help them practice their communication in English using the free Duolingo app. These resources will prepare students to develop the English language as they achieve the goal of earning their high school diploma online with Citizens' High School.

 You are the central focus of our mission - let CHS be the bridge to your success.

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Interested in Individual Courses?

Online Individual courses are courses that are designed to be completed by the student over a period of 16 weeks. Whether you need to earn missing credits while attending a traditional high school or earn lost credits toward your High School Diploma, you can choose the classes that meet your needs. 

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CHS Español Parallel format – How does it work?

When you enroll in our Español Pathway, you will be able to view the courses in English and Spanish simultaneously! This resource is designed to assist our students whose primary language is Spanish, to better understand each course.

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What is ESOL? 

At CHS, we are committed to helping our Latino community become fluent in English. Our ESOL courses combine interactive activities that make English language learning fun!  The relevant instruction is designed to teach students to listen, speak, read, and write English and apply those learning skills through their assignments and daily life. Our ESOL courses prepare students to pursue a variety of academic, career-technical, and personal growth opportunities. Sign up to take this free, non-credit course today.

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One of the key components in the process of becoming a Naturalized U.S. Citizen, you must pass a U.S. Citizenship test, which has two components: an English test and a Civics Test. The English Test consists of a Speaking and Understanding Test, a Reading Test and a Writing Test. An important part of the application process for becoming a US citizen is passing a Civics test.

The Civics test is about your knowledge of U.S. Government, U.S. History, U.S. Geography, U.S. Symbols and U.S. Holidays. There are 100 civics questions on the naturalization test. During the interview process, applicants are asked up to 10 questions and must be able to answer. Here is a sampling of what you may be asked during the test.  Take this course for just $29 today, and $29 per month thereafter.

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Apply for Latinos Sin Barreras Scholarship - Coming July 2019


  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Complete a minimal of 6 credits per year.
  • Be in financial good standing.
  • Complete a general essay of at least 300 words describing your education goals, financial need, and how earning your high school diploma will benefit you.

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“¡Me encanta esta escuela! ¡Ofrecen la mejor solución para educación en el hogar y te puedes graduar muy fácilmente, a tu propio ritmo! Ha sido una experiencia genial, nunca imaginé que me graduaría con tanta facilidad. ¡Recomiendo altamente a Citizens High School!

James W, CHS Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a US Citizen to enroll at CHS ?

No, you do not need to be a US Citizen to enroll at CHS.  CHS students are from both the USA and abroad.  We are developing programs in many languages and are truly an international high school. However, if you are interested in becoming a US citizen we have a Citizenship class to help you get there!

How do I enroll and what do I need to get started?

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3 and can be completed online in a couple of minutes Click (here) to access the online enrollment form and any information on how to get started.

How do I receive my CHS diploma?

When you complete all the graduation requirements, we will officially confer your degree and mail your high school diploma packet.

How long does it take to get a US high school diploma?

At CHS you can study at your pace in your own time.  We provide you the opportunity to earn either a  General Studies High School Diploma which is an 18 credit program designed for students who want to enter the job market, the military, or continue their education at a technical school or community college, or alternatively our Academic Studies Diploma Program designed for students who want to enter a four-year college or university.  Typically a full CHS diploma can be completed within a 3 years period, We accept credit transfer from your previous high school which in-turn will shorten the timeframe to earn your diploma.    

How long will it take to complete a class?

At CHS class can be completed in as little as a month, though on average 16-weeks is the norm, and we allow you to take up to two courses at one time.

How much does CHS cost?

The CHS Español Online tuition model is simple - $59 per month and you can take up to two courses at one time. There are no hidden fees, just study at your own pace, in your own environment. CHS offers several ways for you to lower the cost of your education. Check out our fund your education page.

I earned a high school diploma in my own country. Can I earn a U.S high school diploma as well?

Yes, you can. Whether you want to do better in your job or make yourself more marketable, having a U.S high school diploma is the first step.

I have a high school diploma from my own country. Do I need to begin from 9th grade to obtain a U.S. high school diploma?

No, we accept international transcripts, though all transcripts from other countries must be translated by a third party and all records must be in English. Our Preferred third-party services are : World Education Services ( and Global Services Associates, Inc. (  Please note third-party evaluations can take 7 to 10 business days to complete.   Vendors will require you to submit transcripts along with other documents that vary based upon your country of education. Please submit completed evaluations to Student Services by mailing the official sealed documents to 1590 Fleming Island Lane, Suite 44, Fleming Island, Florida 32003.

Is CHS an accredited school ?

Yes, Citizens' High School is Regionally Accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools (MSACESS) also nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) See more information here

What are bilingual courses?

CHS Bilingual courses are courses that are able to be viewed both English and Spanish side by side. So, if you are a Spanish-speaker, though not proficient in English, these CHS courses are perfect for you as they allow you to earn your High School Diploma whilst at the same time mastering the English language!

What computer skills does CHS Require?

Simple, everyday computer skills such as accessing the internet and the ability to use Microsoft Word are all you need. 

What if I do not have a transcript from a previous high school?

For those who do not have a transcript from a previous school, we offer an option to start from the 9th grade and go through the program at your own pace.

What if I don't speak any English or I am not proficient in English?

CHS has bilingual courses in English and Spanish. You will be able to read your courses in both languages! We also have ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses to assist you in learning English as you earn your high school diploma.  In addition, your faculty, student advisors and student services representatives are all Spanish speaking and there to assist you.

What is the difference between the academic diploma and the general diploma?

The General Studies Diploma Program is 18 credits and is designed for students who want to enter the job market, the military or continue their education at a technical school or community college. The Academic program is 24 credits and that is designed for someone who wants to enter a four-year college or university after they graduate. This program has additional electives and 2 credits in Foreign Language. To view more information visit our Diploma Programs page here 

What will the assignments in my CHS Espanol classes look like?

CHS Bilingual courses are courses with both the English and Spanish side by side. We make learning fun and easy, a typical CHS course is broken down into 16 journeys which are essentially chapters.  At the end of each journey, you have a checkpoint or assignment to complete. 

Why do I need a high school diploma?

High school graduates earn more money, enjoy more job options, help you grow as an individual. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that high school graduates earned on average $192 more per week than people who did not graduate. ( A high school diploma is also required to seek avenues of higher education and also to enter the United States military.

Why should I choose CHS Español Online ?

At CHS Español introduces a new paradigm in learning by providing 21st-century education through a series of engaging lessons and interactive activities designed to make learning fun. CHS Español bilingual courses in English and Spanish include ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) and are designed by leading experts and taught by master educators, our curriculum aligns with national standards for learning ensuring superior instruction schoolwide. The CHS Español experience not only provides you with a high-quality education, but it also prepares you for the next step in your journey to social and economic mobility.  We look forward to seeing you in class.

Will I be able to complete my CHS Español classes using a mobile device?

Yes, CHS Español is a fully online program and supports all Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices, we even provide a fully downloadable app to make your studies mobile friendly.  

Will I be able to get my questions answered in Spanish?

Yes, your allocated student services representatives, faculty and student advisors are all Bi-lingual.

Will I be able to improve my English or become proficient in English while I’m working on my diploma?

Yes, the purpose and design of CHS Español courses are to allow you to study for a US high school diploma regardless of the level of your individual English comprehension, though as you progress with your studies you will become proficient in the English language.

Will my CHS accredited high school diploma be in English or Spanish?

At the end of your studies, you will be awarded a fully accredited recognized U.S. High School Diploma in English.

Will my HS diploma be accepted at colleges and universities?

Yes, the CHS 24 credit Academic Studies Program has been designed for students who desire to progress on to college or university. The fact that CHS is both a nationally and regionally accredited high school your qualification will generally be accepted by US colleges and universities.