How Online Learning Works

Students participating in CHS Online classes receive a high-quality, personalized education experience. With online learning, you can complete your school work around your schedule. Your classroom is at home, on the road, or any place that an internet connection is available.

Canvas, CHS' learning management system (LMS), is your virtual classroom providing you with an intuitive, easy-to-use environment that empowers you to achieve your learning outcomes in every course. Within Canvas, you can expect to see the following:

  • Curriculum developed by leading experts in their fields.
  • Our online courses are designed using high-quality, sourced content. by subject matter experts and course developers.
  • Embedded and external resources provided.
  • Highly qualified, state-certified, master teachers with years of online teaching experience.
  • Academic Advisors (content experts) are available to support you via email, text, and telephone when required.
  • Interactive learning activities.
  • Real-world connections to curriculum

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    How Online Learning Compares with Classroom Learning

    Online Learning Classroom Learning
    Students receive a high-quality education from an accredited High School Students receive a high-quality education from an accredited High School
    Classes are delivered asynchronously. You, your peers, and your instructor work based on your individual schedules. This allows for flexibility; however, work is still expected each week. Classes are delivered synchronously, which means you, your peers and your instructor work on course activities at the same time. No flexibility.
    Learning is convenient but requires organization and self-discipline. Mandatory attendance helps keep some students on track.
    Discussion with instructors is via email allowing time to think through comments and responses. Interactions with peers and instructors are face to face, verbal and spontaneous.
    Successful students spend 8-10 hours per week per credit in full semester classes. Successful students spend 5 hours in class each week with about an hour of homework each day. This is approximately 8-10 hours per week per credit in full semester classes.
    It does require certain hardware, software and network requirements. Often does not require hardware, software or network requirements.
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    Tech Requirements

    The basic technology requirements for our courses are minimal. Access to the Internet (desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is the most typical. Some courses may require additional software to complete assignments, which will all be available online or within the course.