CHS Faculty & Staff


Dr. James Etter


Dr. Etter joined CHS in July of 2017 and is the founder and former CEO of American Public University and American Military University. Dr. Etter served in the United States Marine Corps from 1966 thru 1969 as an enlisted Marine and then as a Naval Flight Officer from 1973 through 1991.  He served a one year tour in Vietnam (1967-1968) and was wounded twice in combat action. Dr. Etter has more than 25 years of experience and leadership at both the high school and college levels. 

Andrew Herd


Mr. Herd joined CHS in July of 2017, before that Mr. Herd helped establish and manage two prominent and successful education resource companies providing technology and publisher-centric content and enterprise solutions to higher education and k12 providers here in the United States. In addition, he served as Chairman of the London College of International Business Studies, which was founded in the 1800s by Sir Isaac Pitman, the inventor of shorthand writing.

One piece of advice he would give his students is to "view education as a fun journey and not a chore, yes education is a necessity but it doesn’t need to be a chore." Mr. Herd enjoys golf, hunting, and keeping fit, and is a passionate amateur historian focusing on Elizabethan England, 18th Century Sociology and 20th Century Military History. 

Brian Morris

Acting Principal

Mr. Morris joined CHS in November of 2017, having served as an educator for 10 years and the founder of the PGA Tour Junior Golf Academy as well as CASE Hybrid Academy. His most rewarding experience in education is seeing students finding a greater amount of success than they expected from themselves. 

One piece of advice he would give to his students is to "believe in yourself, advocate for yourself, and there is nothing that can come in between you and your goals." 

Mr. Morris enjoys spending time with his daughters, golfing, watching football, cooking, and genealogy. The proudest moment of his life was seeing his daughters grow up to the girls they are today.


Yvonne Rexach

Director of Admissions

Yvonne Rexach is the Director of Admissions and Español Pathway at Citizens’ High School. Originally from Puerto Rico, she and her family moved to Jacksonville in 2007. She joined CHS in February 2019 after working 11 years at a law school. She began working as an assistant in Student Services and fell in love with the interactions she was having with prospective students and the impact that she could have in the Spanish community. She has been able to use her extensive experience to help students and parents feel welcomed and hopeful in their goal of pursuing their high school diploma from an accredited school. In addition to her experience in education, Yvonne’s career also includes working with one of the major leading car rental companies in the U.S. Yvonne is a proud Navy mom who enjoys spending time with her family.

Harmony Salvatore

Admissions Specialist 

Harmony Salvatore is an Admissions Specialist at CHS who has an immense passion for education and a strong desire to lead students toward the success of acquiring a high school diploma. With an extensive background in education and 20 years of customer service experience, she knows what it takes to be successful. Hard work, all while maintaining a smile!

Student Services

Emilie Wojtowicz

Director of Student Services

Emilie Wojtowicz is the Director of Students Services. She joined CHS as a Registrar in 2018. Emilie brings over 15 years of experience in Registration and Records Management and has played a key role in the configuration of our Student Information System. The Student Services team will assist you with all your registration, tuition, and record request needs. 

When Emilie is not working to serve the students at CHS, she loves spending time with her husband, their six children, and grandchildren.  

Frances Hogas

Student Services Specialist 

Frances Hogas is our focused and dedicated Student Services Assistant. As part of the Student Services team, she answers calls from students and parents and helps them by taking payments, transcripts requests and enrollment verification requests. She also maintains our Bookstore here at Citizens High School.

In her spare time, Frances is a foodie! She enjoys experimenting with foods from around the world. She also loves spending time with her family, friends, going to the beach, reading, and cooking.


Trish Marsh

Director of Curriculum

Mrs. Marsh joined CHS in May of 2018 having previously served over 23 years in both online and traditional education settings as an Elementary School Technology Coordinator and a High School Mathematics Teacher. She enjoys impacting students and teachers through mentorship. Mrs. Marsh encourages students to be honest in all that they do and reminds them to reach out to their teachers when help is needed.
Mrs. Marsh is most proud of being accepted into the University of Miami’s inaugural cohort for the Applied Learning Sciences MSEd.


Desmond Williams

Director of Marketing

Desmond Williams serves as the Director of Marketing and joined CHS in August of 2018. Prior to joining CHS Desmond was a Business Development and Digital Media Director for the Sourcing Industry Group, working with Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies. In his free time, Desmond enjoys spending time with his daughter, travel and stay connected to sports as much as possible.

Strategic Initiatives

Bryan Hensley

Education Program Manager

Bryan Hensley is Citizens’ High School’s Education Project Manager and provides analysis and solutions on how to boost our students’ outcomes. A successful business professional and consultant, Bryan has a storied history of improving performance and leading award-winning initiatives. He is a graduate of Leadership Jacksonville, an alumnus of the University of Florida and is long-time community activist in Northeast Florida.

Human Resources

Grace Theriault

Human Resources Director

Grace Theriault is the Manager of Accounting and Human Resources.  She has worked for over 40 years in various stages of accounting for both private businesses and public accounting firms.  She brings the knowledge to prepare the financial reports for the management of Citizens High School and for the firms who complete the audits and tax returns.

In Human Resources, she coordinates the benefits for all the employees of Citizens High School and runs the payroll. Grace and her husband are proud of their four children, their four grandchildren and getting to spend time with them regularly.

Her words of wisdom are “The number one person looking out for you and your future, is you.”

Information Technology

Ryan Dallas

Director of IT

Mr. Dallas joined CHS in October of 1998. Having spent nearly 20 years at CHS he has seen a complete transformation in the school and the education industry as a whole. Seeing students succeed and knowing you have made a difference in the world has given him the most benefit of working in the education field. One piece of advice he gives our students is "while the world is at your fingertips, don't forget to use your feet. Get out and see the world." For the past six years, Mr. Dallas has been keeping saltwater fish and reef aquariums. Keeping fish and growing live coral has been a very rewarding and interesting hobby for him. Being the first in his family to earn a college degree was his most special accomplishment.

Teen Mom

Marthea Pitts

Teen Mom Program Director

Ms. Pitts joined CHS in 2018, as an administrative focused social worker with five-plus years of experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring workforce development and self-sufficiency focused programs for pregnant and parenting youth.

 Educating and empowering teenage mothers through advocacy is what she enjoys most. One piece of advice she would give her students is to “stay focused on what is vital to your personal growth.” Ms. Pitts enjoys practicing self-care, attending cultural events, and staying connected to her social support system.