How to Get Started

    1. Determine how much you need.

      This is a really simple step. First, you take the monthly tuition rate and subtract the amount of scholarship money you have received.

    2. Determine which site(s) you want to use for your crowdsourcing.

      There are several different crowdsourcing websites available today to raise funds, however, not all sites are the same. You want to make sure the site you select best fits your needs; for instance, is it focused on social missions, how much does it charge, or what percentage of donations does it take, etc... We have provided a list of websites you should take a look at,, and

    3. Make sure you have a bank account set up to transfer the funds into.

      You can also go to your bank or use their mobile app to set up either a one-time or recurring monthly wire transfer. Some banks will charge a fee for the service so make sure you ask your bank before using this option.

Banks to Check Out

  • Write out your reason for asking people to donate. Be honest and include how you can change your life by earning a diploma.

    Write a description that clearly defines a specific, timely need. Write as though you're talking to friends and family, don't expect people who have no personal connection to you to donate.

    Reach out personally to close friends and family first in order to get the ball rolling, and then encourage sharing once you have some momentum.

  • Sign up and then share your message.

    First, make a list of people that you want to share your campaign with directly.

    Then most websites will allow you to share your donation campaign via your social media pages.

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