The 8 Ways You Can Fund Your Education

Apply for CHS Scholarships

At CHS we do not want to see any student unable to earn their high school diploma due to financial restrictions. We have set aside a set amount of funds to help offset the tuition costs of qualifying students


Crowdsourcing is the practice of engaging a "crowd" towards a common goal. There are several websites on the internet today that provides a platform for individuals looking to raise funds for a goal.

Ask Your Employer

Many employers offer educational assistance benefits to their employees. Don't miss this amazing opportunity and ask your employer or their Human Resource officer what kind of assistance is provided.

Ask Your Family

There is no bond stronger than that of family. By having a few family members each contributing $10 a month your education can be just a click away.

Ask Your Church

At many churches, they have a fund designed to help members who need financial assistance and it will improve their lives.

Transfer Credits

By transferring credit from your previous school, you can cut down on the number of months and reduce your overall tuition costs.

State Scholarships / Tax Credits

Depending on the state that you live in there may be state funds that you can use to offset the cost of private education or homeschool education.  Read more to find out what is available in your state.

Private Scholarships

When most people think of using scholarships for school they think college and above; however, there are several different private scholarships available for students wishing to receive their high school diploma.