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Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School

Below is a table showing the key differences and similarities between CHS and the state-sponsored, full-time virtual public school programs offered in this state.


Attribute or Policy Florida Virtual School –Full-Time Option Florida Virtual School –Home Education Option Citizens’ High School
Awards an Accredited Diploma Yes No1 Yes
Accredited by a Legitimate Accrediting Agency* Yes Yes Yes
Diploma awarded is widely recognized by schools & employers Yes Yes Yes
Operated as a Public School District Yes Yes No
Requires periodic academic evaluations of students No Yes No
Requires state-sponsored standardized exams Yes No No
Requires End of Course exams Yes No Yes
Requires online exams and periodic assessments by phone Yes Yes No
Requires adherence to state-dictated school-year calendar Yes No No
Keeps student records for parents Yes No2 Yes
Staffed with state-certified teachers Yes Yes Yes
Academic Advisors or Guidance Counselors aid with class planning Yes Yes Yes
Requires online class attendance and work using the Internet Yes Yes No
Offers high-quality, state-approved textbooks for no additional cost Yes Yes Yes
Offers any needed computers and Internet service at no added cost No3 No3 Yes4
Offers college prep diploma program Yes Yes Yes
Offers academic credit for past courses taken and passed Yes No Yes
Allows year-round enrollment and academic-year start dates No Yes Yes
Academic Year Length of 9 Months Yes No5 Yes, 9 months or less
Charges Tuition to students No6 No6 Yes7
Age of school since founding Under 20 years Under 20 years More than 30 years
Offers discount for textbooks that are reused in multi-student families No No Yes
Requires prior public school attendance (grades 2 – 5.) No Yes No


*A “legitimate” accrediting agency is one that is listed by the U.S. Department of Education (DoE.)  CHS is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is listed as a national accrediting organization by the DoE.

1To be awarded a high school diploma, Florida Virtual School Home Education (homeschooled) students must pass a GED exam after completing their high school graduation requirements.

2Grades and transcripts are kept by the student’s local public school district.

3Not provided, except when approved.  Must meet specific hardship requirements.

4Citizens’ High School does not require any online work or attendance.

5Pace of study is determined by the student and parent.

6No tuition cost to Florida residents.  For out-of-state residents, the tuition is $400 per full credit.

7Citizens’ High School offers an affordable tuition of $179 per course, or $716 per academic year in a convenient, no-interest payment plan of $179 down and $99 per month until paid (in six months.)