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2012 Graduate – Dylan Sapp

Dylan SappOne of the Sharpsburg 100 men with a diploma is our Dylan Sapp.  Dylan earned his high school diploma from Citizens’ in June of 2011.  He enrolled for all four years from us.  He even took extra courses in order to meet NCAA requirements. Do to Dylan’s dedication and desires he was able to complete almost five academic years of high school courses in three years.

It appears that Dylan is in a hurry to get into the business world.  He is already enrolled in Gordon College pursuing a business degree.  We asked him why he chose Citizens’ and home schooling versus traditional public high school.  Dylan felt that with Citizens’ he received one-on-one instruction, better prepared him for college, and he could work at his own pace.  All good reasons, and we agree with him.

Dylan’s dreams and goals include being a club pro for the Cannongate Golf Course.  That’s why the extra high school courses necessitated by the NCAA.  His business degree will assist him in that goal.  Being a club pro is more than showing someone how address the ball.

We are very proud of Dylan and his desires and determination warm our hearts.

Dylan is Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for February 2012.