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Citizens' High School is making a genuine contribution to quality education by offering an accredited high school diploma program to students who were unable to pursue their education in a classroom setting, or prefer a non-traditional setting, because of personal or medical reasons, or due to family or work commitments.  In addition to building on a strong ethical foundation in place since our inception, Citizens' High School's mission and educational goals are shown below.



The Mission of Citizens' High School is to provide an outstanding independent study education leading to an accredited High School Diploma to people from young teenagers to senior citizens and from all walks of life who prefer to pursue their education in a non-traditional high school setting.

The Goals of Citizens' High School are:

  1. To continue providing a viable social service in the form of well educated, motivated graduates able to successfully continue their education on a postsecondary level, if they so desire, and to obtain employment and succeed in their career goals.
  2. To continue to develop programs, utilizing a self-directed home study format that meet or exceed traditional high school state and national common core standards.
  3. To continue to provide research and development of new learning and study techniques that meets the educational needs of teenagers and adults in secondary and postsecondary studies.
  4. To continue providing programs which allow each student to renew a belief in his or her limitless potential while recognizing and developing his or her own unique individuality and talents.
  5. To continue providing students with a well-rounded, viable academic foundation which will allow our graduates to function successfully as meaningful members of society and well-informed consumers.

Whether you would be enrolling in our high school diploma program or taking individual subjects to recover credits at your current public high school, we look forward to registering you as our student.

If Citizens' High School interests you and you would like more information sent to you, please submit an Information Request.  If you are ready to start now, click here to enroll with us online.  Or you can download an enrollment form here to fax or send back, or call us at 800-736-4723.

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