Why an Accredited High School Diploma is important

February 23, 2019

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In a world full of technological opportunities, it’s hard to know which path to take when it comes to online education. Unlike traditional schools, online schools must go through a series of tests to become accredited. CHS has been providing top tier education and accredited High School Diplomas for over 40 years. Our program not only allows students flexibility, but also provides peace of mind knowing that the diploma they earned is accepted at many colleges and universities. But what exactly is accreditation and what is it for?

            What Is Accreditation

Accreditation is a quality assurance process for all educational institutions. It is the key tool to deciding which institution to enroll in as well as which program to embark on. Citizens' High School is both Regionally and Nationally accredited by three main organizations that are dedicated to ensuring all students receive the most pristine and career preparing education possible. These organizations are the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and the Middle States Associate of Colleges and Schools.

            Accreditation Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for each accreditation.


Council for Higher Education Accreditation

  1. Academic body must have a student support system.
  2. Academic body must possess sufficient resources.
  3. Academic body must demonstrate accountability.
  4. Academic body must keep records of complaints and responsibilities.
  5. Academic body must employ fair decision making.
  6. Academic body must continually review and improve courses.


Distance Education Accrediting Commission

  1. Institution must have a mission.
  2. Institution must monitor effectiveness and plan for growth.
  3. Institution must produce outcomes via successful completion of the curricula.
  4. Institution must have the appropriate learning material for students and faculty.
  5. Institution must publish a student handbook and conduct a variety of assessments.
  6. Institution must have a student support center.

Middle States Associate of Colleges and Schools

  1. The school must have a mission.
  2. The school must have a self-improvement plan.
  3. The school must possess the finances and facilities to operate.
  4. The school must have an effective education program.
  5. The school must have student services.
  6. The school must show evidence of student learning.



How Accreditation Affects Diplomas

When doing research for any educational program accreditation should be the first check on your list of necessities. The difference between an accredited and an unaccredited diploma is the usability. An accredited diploma is accepted by most educational institutions both nationally and internationally. Whereas, diplomas from non-accredited institutions or GED programs will less likely be accepted. With an accredited diploma you reap the benefits of being able to apply at a large amount of colleges or universities anywhere. The last thing a student should encounter upon graduation is barriers. Choose limitless opportunities and boundaries. Allow Citizens High School to get you wherever you want to go!