Why Online High School Is Great For Athletes

September 23, 2019

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Student-athletes take on a difficult role, wanting to pursue sports while enrolled in high school. This can be a difficult journey at times, having to balance when school starts to when practice starts. Often times student may have to miss a week or more of school due to traveling for sports. Online high school, however, can provide student-athletes with the freedom they need to be both a successful student and athlete. 

Flexible Schedules

Online high schools provide students with lots of flexibility in their schedule. Citizens' High School, for example, has no restrictions for time or location. This means students can work on schoolwork whenever they'd like, wherever they'd like. Along with that, CHS offers students self-paced courses, meaning student-athletes can do schoolwork ahead of time or catch up whenever they need to.

No Time Or Location Restrictions

Student-athletes will be able to work on their classes no matter where they are, which could be on the benches at practice, on the travel bus, or at home in the middle of an ice bath. Not having to worry about class time will allow athletes to create their schedule to best fit their athletic career. The options are endless with online high school scheduling, which is perfect for a student-athletes busy schedule.

Self-Paced Work

Also, some online high schools, CHS included, offer self-paced courses. Self-paced meaning a student will be able to work ahead if they'd like and finish quicker. This will be extremely useful to student-athletes. Also, if they know an important game is coming up, student-athletes can capitalize on the self-paced online high school environment, and work ahead in their classes in order to focus on the upcoming game.

Work Around Sports Schedule

A student-athlete enrolled in online high school will not have to worry about class attendance, or missing a strict due date. The freedom online high school allows will benefit student-athletes in being able to focus on their athletic career without having to sacrifice their educational career. This will result in students being able to focus on what matters most to them, while still becoming a proficient learner.

Learn More And Enroll Today

Does the freedom of online high school sound enticing to you? Good news! Citizens' High School offers year-round enrollment and offers a variety of programs to fit any individual student. Call us at 800-736-4723 or contact us today to learn more.