Thinking About Homeschooling? Do It Online

October 21, 2019

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Choosing the right educational path for you, your children, and your family is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. Traditional bricks-and-mortar public schools, charter schools, and private schools all have their place. These institutions offer different types of educational opportunities, but even with their distinct programs and offerings nationally, none of these options will be the right fit for every student’s needs. Therefore, homeschooling has become a popular alternative for many families. 

While some families choose to pursue unplugged homeschooling, we at Citizens’ High School are here to tell you an online path is the best option for numerous reasons. Our online high school classes are rigorous, practical, flexible, and fully accredited at a Tier 1 level to award certified diplomas. Consider some of the following reasons why online high school at home is a reliable option for homeschooling with one-of-a-kind benefits

Parental Involvement

Given your day-to-day obligations, staying involved in your children’s and family’s education can sometimes feel like a juggling act, an act made no easier when their academic training occurs at a distance, behind closed doors. In contrast, online programs thrive with close parental oversight and involvement. By being able to provide one-on-one help with course material and assist in creating valuable study habits, you will be guiding your child every step of the way and ensuring that the education they receive is the one that best fits them. Citizens’ High School even includes directed reading programs to help children learn at their own pace, while still getting an outstanding educational experience. 

Instill Life Skills

Traditional high schools tend to place emphasis exclusively on academic curriculums and topics. Using an online program, such as those offered at CHS, gives you the ability to customize your child’s or family’s education so that it incorporates the skills and aptitudes they will need in everyday life. These capacities could include a variety of tasks, such as applying for a credit card, submitting documentation for a mortgage, filing taxes, buying a home, taking out a loan, writing a grant, saving for retirement, building a budget, and lots more.

Combat Bullying

If you or your child are experiencing social issues, such as bullying or discrimination at a traditional, on-site school, then online homeschooling is a great way to end the stress that comes from such terrible treatment. Putting a stop to bullying can emphasize educational growth and create a more relaxed learning environment for your children.

Get Outside

While the notion of online homeschooling may seem at odds with physical activity, it offers you and your family the flexibility to schedule breaks from the curriculum for structured exercise. Physical fitness is integral to educational success as good health encourages mental fortitude.

Homeschool with Citizens’ High School

Is traditional schooling not working for you or your child? Are you fed up with traditional school structures and want to transition to homeschooling? Give Citizens’ High School a chance to demonstrate our effectiveness at teaching children who study from home. Call 800-736-4723 and speak with one of our experienced counselors. Begin the online homeschooling process as soon as possible and get your child on the right track to success.