The Benefits of an Online High School Diploma Program

January 18, 2019

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Whether you’re a parent, a student, or late bloomer education is the key to success in our society. Now more than ever, education is at the forefront of financial stability. It is predicted that by 2020 only 36% of jobs will require a High School Diploma or less; while that other 64%, will require a post-secondary accreditation or higher. As such, a High School Diploma is the crucial step in achieving financial and academic success. Without it you will be limiting not only yourself, but your education and life goals as well. Education is a fast-growing and constantly changing structure thanks to advances in technology. Citizen’s High School utilizes that technology ,such as a mobile application for coursework, to make education easier and more accessible for everyone. 

Everyone has a dream or aspiration. Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Pilot, Marine—all these jobs require some form of High School diploma. But of course, life can get in the way and earning that diploma isn’t always easy but Citizens’ High School caters learning to the needs of all studentsWith a mobile application, a dedicated student services team and Academic Advisors, CHS helps make learning easy and accessible. A sudden change can critically change your course during High School. On top of that, everyone learns differently. Some people are visual learners, others prefer hands on learning, either way the end goal is the same, growth. Everyone is different but we all want to learn. 

 If we all learn differently—be it in the class room or online—then everyone should then be able to choose how and what they want to learn. Learning what you want, how you want, that is the type of distance online education Citizen’s High School is offering. Online education has been continuously growing since 1997. Online High Schools give students and parents the ability to tailor a student’s education to their specific wants and needs. With a parent and student app, both are provided access to all course material, to chat with instructors and ability to submit assignments. 

In a report, created by? Evergreen Education Group47% ofHigh School students pursue online programs to access courses not offered at their schoolwhile 43% chose to take courses online in order to learn at their own pace. If, for example, you wanted to become a chemical engineer, math and science courses might be of more importance than, say, U.S. history. A student who wants to become an author can take more English and literature classes while also taking care of their required courses. Each student can do all of this while finishing their general study courses in the background and at their own paceThis freedom of choice is something only virtual schools can really offer. At Citizens’ High School students are able to take the courses they want and on their own time. 

Today, more students are taking charge of their education and earning diplomas that they can use at a job interview or for postsecondary education. In Florida alone, 462,025 High School students have enrolled in a distance education course; totaling a number of 815,482 semester long courses. These types of courses not only help students gain credits for their High School Diploma, but also prepares them for the types of courses they might take later in college. While many online learning courses are for college, a majority of online education courses (84%) are taken at the High School level.  

High School is no longer tied down to the traditional class room setting. Online learning can be just as effect as class room learning, according to a Meta-Analysis conducted by the U.S Department of Education. A blending of online and face to face learning has proven to be more effective than either alone. That’s why Citizen’s High School has taken careful steps in creating its online courses while also providing Academic Advisors for all students. Whether you’re learning online or through a textbook Citizen’s High School is here to help you achieve your educational dreams. Education is the key to success in this world and online education is just it’s next evolution.