Why You Should Put Your Kids in an Online High School

October 28, 2019

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Each year, more and more parents are pulling their kids out of traditional, brick-and-mortar schools and enrolling them in online courses. How does this transition benefit high school students and their families? Why are parents so eager to remove their kids from the system that has been the go-to option for generations? Here are some of the most common reasons and benefits of online high schools such as CHS. 

Kids Learn and Pursue Their Skills and Passions

Currently, many students and their parents complain about the amount of homework required each day in traditional school settings. They say it prevents them from focusing on passions and talents that might not connect directly to their school’s curriculum, such as practicing an instrument, pursuing a sport, or learning a trade like woodworking. The less distracting atmosphere of online programs can often translate to your child finishing their coursework earlier, thus having much more time to hone proficiencies related to their interests. Citizens’ High School even offers a directed reading framework, which is available on our African-American Elective Pathway, as well as other online programs. 

Eliminate Bullying and Bad Instruction

Bullying is a significant concern and issue in traditional, on-site schools. Another problem is the potential of your child to get stuck with a teacher or a general curriculum that is not right for them. Many parents are now finding that enrolling their child in an online school is an effective way to combat these issues.

Online Programs Cultivate Independence

Online programs naturally require students to become more independent because they do not have the highly structured and regulated systems of regular high schools. Your child will have to maintain awareness of assignment deadlines and scholarly obligations. There will not be someone there repetitively reminding them. Developing these sorts of skills earlier will go a long way in preparing them for higher education and the job field.

Online Programs Cultivate Technological Literacy

In our contemporary economy and culture, few skills are more valuable or essential than technological literacy. Luckily, it’s nearly impossible for students to learn online without developing some of the vital abilities to interact with technology. Online learners will become proficient with internet communication, learning management programs, word processing, online conferencing, and much more.  

Parental Involvement Increases

While having your child pursue their high school diploma online helps them become more independent, it also allows you, the parent, to keep a closer eye on their academic development and performance. Moreover, this arrangement encourages more quality time as a family because time-consuming after-school and extracurricular activities are no longer in the picture. 

Set the Right Learning Pace

Regular high schools can be unwavering in their academic demands, and they lack the structure required to cater to each individual’s learning needs. In contrast, online programs, such as those offered through Citizens’ High School, serve a wide range of abilities and schedules. Students that need extra time can acquire that additional time without hassle. If a student is ready to move ahead on a topic matter, then they can do so at their own pace. 

See Why Citizens’ High School Is Right for Your Student 

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