Online High School vs Traditional High School

February 23, 2019

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Online vs Traditional High School Education

When it comes to high school education students have the gift of choice. In addition to traditional high school settings, students are able to complete their degree online as well. Unbeknownst to many, online schooling has an extensive history beginning with the University of Illinois’ Plato System.

This system was created for students by students and teachers in an attempt to foster a collaboration between both parties. Since its inception, the idea of online education has moved from the collegiate level to high school. Online education has become so popular that traditional high schools require students to take at least one course online. However, its popularity solely due to change in technology. There are many benefits to enrolling into an online high school.

Learn At Your Own Pace

In a traditional high school setting, students are placed in a generic requirements program. Students are then forced to attend these classes at their assigned times throughout the week leaning no flexibility. Statistics show that class sizes are increasingly growing in traditional high school settings. Teachers are unable to structure their classrooms in a way that fits each individual student’s needs. Some students are visual learners while others are auditory or even kinesthetic learners.

This is where traditional high school education falls short. Online high school education allows the opportunity of tailored learning plans. Citizens’ High School gets to know their students on a person level, configuring wants and needs into an individualized degree program. Students are able to choose choices that interest them in combination with required courses.

Traditional education follows a cookie cutter mold approach designed to fit an “average” student. Every student is different. School should be tailed to fit each individual student, not the other way around. Citizens’ High School works with their students and creates the best solution possible.

Limitless Learning

Alike their structure of degree programs, traditional high schools restrict students’ choice of class times and location as well. In a traditional setting, students attend classes in their school zone assigned building. They are then subjected to class times as early as before 8:30 AM. Citizens’ High School allows students to access schooling at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our program, “CHS Online” and our app as well. Since all courses are hosted online, they may be completed in any location that has Wifi. With Citizens’ High School anything is possible. Don’t allow traditional education to restrict your path and limit your learning. Let’s start your journey today!