Online Education and Social Mobility: Improve Your Future with an Online High School Diploma

March 19, 2019

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Online education has become a popular method for students of all ages and backgrounds to earn a high school diploma or even earn credits toward a college degree. Many more students are taking to online classes because of the ability to create a flexible schedule, learn from anywhere in the world, and enroll in interesting classes available. Online education and social mobility have become two related topics of late as many students are using online education to improve their future.

Better Career Options and Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons why an online high school diploma can improve your future is that it can open the door to better career options and opportunities. A high school diploma is often looked at as the foundation for the rest of a person’s life, which is why it is sought after so much, even by those who never completed high school earlier in life. It’s never too late to educate yourself, complete your high school requirements, and earn your high school diploma. If you are already in the working world and have children, an online course program can help you earn the diploma on your own time.

Increase Your Chances of College Acceptance

The majority of colleges and universities, even junior and county colleges, prefer that their students have a high school diploma to be admitted. So, if attending college is part of your future plans, you will want to enroll in an online high school program to obtain your diploma.

Higher Paying Jobs

The exact number will vary from job to job, but the bottom line is the more education you obtain, the better your pay will be throughout your career. The Economic Policy Institute has released data showing a person who has a high school diploma will earn four dollars 4 more per hour compared to a person who does not have a high school. 

Improved Skills

You will also notice improved skills when you obtain an education. When you enroll in online high school classes you will be learning valuable life skills, like time management, conversing with superiors, dealing with adversity and many more. Since most of the work will be done on your own time and without the direct supervision of a teacher, you will need to hold yourself accountable. This skill will come in handy many times in life.

Lower Risk of Unemployment

The economy goes through its ups and downs often, leading to many companies laying off employees when times are tough. When you have a high school diploma you will be able to reduce the risk of being unemployed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2017 shows that the unemployment rate for those with a high school diploma is 5.3 percent compared to 7.7 percent for those without a diploma.

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