Is Citizens' High School Legit?

October 14, 2019

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Questioning? That's okay, we have answers!

It is normal for prospective students to consider the legitimacy of any school institution. No one wants to put in the time and effort to a place that is not guaranteed to contribute to your future success. Luckily, when questioning Citizens' High School's legitimacy, there is no need to be cautious, CHS is a legitimate school, and has the reputation and attributes to back that up. Take a look into what makes CHS a legitimate distance learning high school, and find out if CHS is right for you.


This is one of the very first things to consider when questioning the legitimacy of a school. A school that is accredited basically means that the school has passed a process in which a board of trustees reviews the school on things like quality of education, faculty and staff, and more. Think of it similar to how restaurants have to pass certain health inspections. A school that has received national and/or regional accreditation means that the school meets, or exceeds, all the standards set in place for schools across the nation and/or region. Citizens' High School is proud to be a nationally and regionally accredited school, meaning that CHS is, indeed, a legitimate school according to the Florida Department of Education, Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and the Middle States Association. 

School Rating

Another important factor to consider when trying to determine if a school is legitimate or not is the school's ratings. Ratings can be submitted by professionals, and possibly former students, parents of students, etc. Looking into a certain school's ratings can help you gain insight into how that school's reputation is. Citizens' High School has our ratings pridefully posted on our website, as we are happy to hear the positive responses from our community. CHS is rated an A+ school by the Better Business Bureau, is a Tier 1 Military School, and has a 5-star rating on Google. Both professionals and former students and parents of students can agree that CHS is a quality school with an exceptional curriculum. 

The Facts Don't Lie!

After reading this, it is clear to see that Citizens' High School is a legitimate school that can offer an amazing education to students looking for the freedom of online schooling. If you are still questioning, take a look at our Facebook page to read testimonies from past students and parents of students and see how CHS can provide lots of opportunity into students' lives. Curious to learn more about what to look for in an online school? Check out our previous blog discussing just that here https://www.citizenshighschool.com/online-high-school/five-things-to-look-for-in-an-online-school/.

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