How Online High School Combats Bullying

September 16, 2019

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Bullying is a serious issue that seems to thrive in school environments. Many students say at some point in their educational career they have experienced bullying. Bullying can result in low confidence, low motivation, or even aid in developing serious mental health issues later in life. Online high schools help prevent and combat bullying for a multitude of reasons. Being able to focus on classes without having to worry about bullies can help a student become successful and happy.

Safe Environment

Online high schools, like CHS, provide students with a safe environment to learn and grow. While students are able to interact with each other, it is almost always monitored and for the sake of a group assignment or project. No unnecessary comments will be made, meaning bullies will not be able to pick on students via online high school. This is extremely beneficial in combatting bullying in the high school environment. 

Improving Self-Esteem

Students with low self-esteem are more susceptible to being bullied, as they can be seen as an "easy target." Online high school can help a student gain self-esteem, which then they can use to combat bullying on their own. Having the confidence to not let bullies affect you will ensure the student remains strong during their high school experience. Online high school can build a student's self-esteem by giving them responsibilities and flexibility in the school environment. Having more freedoms, like choosing when to work on assignments, can help a student feel more confident in their abilities.

Gaining Independence

Online high school without a doubt helps a student gain independence and mature into a self-sufficient learner. This can be crucial when facing bullying as bullies don't expect the victims to stand up for themselves. However, a student with high self-esteem and independence, will stand up for themselves and also defend others. By taking online high school courses, students will learn how to lead themselves and could possibly motivate others to be successful.

More Parent Involvement

Parents are a strong force in combatting bullying, however, most parents are never even made aware that bullying is taking place at their child's school. Online high school, on the other hand, uses parent involvement to help a student be the best they can be. Citizens' High School offers a parent-student portal where grades and assignment progress can be viewed. Along with this, parents can always reach out to online staff via email, call, text, etc. Having this sort of communication is the key to combatting bullying at school.

Enroll Today

Parents and students can feel a sense of relief knowing that when they enroll with CHS, bullying will never be an issue. We offer year-round enrollment and can give students the tools they need to succeed in college, life, the workforce, and more. Call us at 800-736-4723 or contact us today to learn more.