High School Diplomas for Military Families in Transition

November 1, 2018

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Many high school-aged students move due to a family relocation, but students in military families tend to move more frequently than others do. Fact is military deployments are happening more often nowadays and the use of National Guard or Reserve military has become the new norm. Although your child may have enjoyed transferring to new school at an earlier age, teenagers can have a tougher time completing coursework for his or her high school diploma. In fact, your child may spend the next few months forming new connections and trying to fit in right before they graduate and leave for college.

With all of the sacrifices that you and your family already make to serve our country, a family's member education shouldn't be one of them. That's why Citizens High School developed an online high school diploma program as well as a distance learning high school diploma program to fit the specific needs of military family members. Whether it was your child or spouse that had their education interrupted for you to serve, CHS has a learning option for any military family on the go. These are quality high school curriculum programs that earn a Tier 1 high school diploma and can be completed from anywhere at the student's preferred pace.

In some cases following a military move, your child's new high school may be substandard or simply ill suited to support their academic needs. CHS online distance learning courses allow the student to pick up where they left off no matter when they had to move. Moreover, your high school student will receive superior academic support from CHS's state-certified teachers and academic advisors. We believe that we all owe military families a special debt for the sacrifices they make. By providing alternatives for achieving a Tier 1 high school diploma, CHS hopes to help many of them meet the educational challenges unique to their family.

Thank you for your service and please feel free to contact CHS Student Services at 1-800-736-4723 to have your questions answered.