High School Diploma Vs. GED

September 10, 2019

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Many people think that a high school diploma and GED are just different terms for the same thing. This is untrue, as there are differences between the two. Read about how a high school diploma differs from a GED.


The most distinct difference between the two is the amount of time it takes to complete them. Earning a GED can typically be done much faster than earning a high school diploma. However, with the option of online schools, such as Citizens' High School, students can earn their high school diploma at an accelerated pace. 


Another difference between a high school diploma and GED is the difficulty. The exam taken to earn a GED is harder than most would expect. The exam must be passed with a 60% or higher to demonstrate that the test taker can perform to the level of a high school senior or better. A high school diploma, while it may take more time, involves more preparation for final exams in each course. There is no overall final exam that must be passed to earn a high school diploma, just earning credits in all of the required courses. 


Students seeking further education will most likely want to earn a high school diploma instead of a GED. This is because a GED may not be accepted at some international universities or other educational institutions. A high school diploma, however, will be able to transfer to post-secondary institutions. Earning a high school diploma will also better prepare a student for further education, as a high school diploma is designed to do so, while a GED is not.

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Most people believe a GED is the only option for adults who are too old to be a high school student. Here at Citizens' High School, there is no age restriction, meaning anyone of any age can earn a fully accredited high school diploma through CHS. Also, courses can be completed as quickly as you'd like, and are designed to be self-paced. Earn a high-quality education anywhere in the world with CHS. Call us at 800-736-4723 or contact us today to learn more about our diploma programs.