Cool Classes You Can Take in an Online High School

October 7, 2019

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Cool Classes You Can Take in an Online High School

You might not realize it, but taking classes online can be fun. All of the classes you take in a distance learning program do not have to be mundane or run of the mill. You can mix and match your courses every semester to have a course geared towards your career, and then a course that simply interests you or helps you become better at your hobbies. Here are some cool online high school classes you can take as part of our academic program.

Biology and Lab

If you want to move your entire high school curriculum from a traditional setting to an online environment, you can do so because you can take traditional classes, such as biology and lab, online. You will be able to not only study the course material for biology, but also perform lab work in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose to study.


Are you interested in a career in the food service industry? If so, Citizens’ High School offers a cooking class as one of our cool online high school classes. Doesn’t seem possible, right? Well, over a period of two months to one year, you will learn how to cook 26 different meals. In order to document your progress, you will submit a three to five-minute video every two weeks to your instructor.


Have you ever wanted to write for a major news publication or magazine outlet? If so, the journalism course offered to our students can help you move in that career path. The course will prepare you for the fundamental skills needed to work as a journalist in print, digital, broadcast and other outlets. 

Physical Education

The academic programs created by Citizens’ High School are so in-depth that we even offer online physical education courses that help you earn your high school diploma. You will learn the rules and fundamentals of multiple team sports, lifestyle sports, weight training, and aerobics. The course requires you to take part in walking, running, fitness technology, toning and more in order to earn a passing grade.


Are you studying with Citizens’ High School from outside the United States? Would you like to become a United States citizen? If so, the citizenship class is another one of our cool high school classes. This course will help you understand what it takes to become a citizen of the country, teach you about our country’s history, government, holidays, ideals, and symbols. You will also receive instruction on American geography.

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Now that you know there are unique high school classes available online, you should consider enrolling in one of our academic programs. We have the tools you need to succeed in preparing for college or for entering into employment after earning your high school diploma. Contact Citizens’ High School today at 800-736-4723 to speak with a counselor about your academic goals and needs.