Key Benefits of Completing High School Online

November 7, 2018

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Technology has affected all sectors of our nation's educational system, including high school diploma programs. Thanks to online distance learning, high school students who learn faster or slower than the average student have excellent options that make learning more enticing and systematic. Moreover, online high school courses benefit students who have to travel extensively for sports as well as those who missed an excessive number of classes due to illness. As the concepts for distant education continue to evolve, the benefits of attending an online high school diploma program may replace antiquated learning systems.

  • Convenience - For many students today, a conventional high school classroom doesn't offer the flexibility they need to complete the mandatory coursework for a high school diploma. Online high school programs make state-certified teachers and academic advisors available when students need them the most.
  • Academic Credit Recovery - According to the U.S. Department of Education, credit recovery is a pro-graduation strategy designed to provide a pathway for high school students with a history of course failure a way to re-take required coursework online to avoid falling further behind in school.
  • Custom Curriculum - Nowadays, online high schools have personalized opportunities for students to make up for any missing or failed credits. This specialized approach provides a custom curriculum to ensure a student does not have to repeat coursework after receiving a passing grade.
  • Optional Platforms - In today's world, the conventional approach to receiving a high school diploma isn't the best fit for everyone. Similarly, distance learning is not always best accomplished online sitting in front of a computer. That's why CHS Unplugged offers textbook-based distance education as well.
  • Early Graduation - Online high school diploma programs are not just for students who may have fallen behind in their studies. Completing the same curriculum online is especially helpful for advanced students as well as those who wish to pursue higher-level academic opportunities, military assignment, or technical school.
  • Self Paced - Whether you are a quick learner or grasp new content more slowly, online learning programs allow students to work at his or her pace. This approach minimizes a student's need to skip topics just to keep up with a generalized classroom pace.
  • Fully Accredited - Citizens' High School is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and is regionally accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools of Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. CHS is registered as a private high school in Florida and operates in compliance with state statutes (non-public schools #1345).
  • Affordable - Our monthly payment plan makes private online education affordable for any family member. With no hidden fees, CHS online training programs start as low as $59 per month. Since you only pay for the time you are enrolled in classes, once you complete your diploma program, that's it.

With high school courses designed by leading experts and taught by state-certified master educators, CHS curriculums align to national standards for learning to ensure a consistent delivery of instruction. The CHS experience not only provides high school students with a quality education, it prepares them for the next step in his or her journey to social and economic mobility. To learn more about your learning opportunities, submit this website's form for a prompt response.