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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Policy

Our Commitment to Academic Integrity
At Citizens’ High School we have a zero-tolerance Academic Integrity policy, forbidding cheating or knowingly providing false or misleading information. We will fail students who are caught not doing their own work. Therefore, we expect our students to conduct themselves with not only a sense of purpose but with a sense of self-integrity to do the right thing when it comes to improving their future.

Why Academic Integrity Matters to You
As a nationally accredited school we are required to keep our standards at the highest levels, including those regarding student honesty and behavior.  This benefits you as the student or homeschooling parent, by preserving our accreditation and allowing us to continue to issue accredited diplomas to our graduates.

So our commitment to academic integrity adds to the education you are receiving as a student.  Working together for these mutually held values, we’ll safeguard all our reputations.

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Our mission is to provide an outstanding education, leading to an accredited high school diploma, to our students who range in age from young teenagers to senior citizens, and are from all walks of life.

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