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5 Building Blocks to Success

When you understand your human function (Purpose), know what you stand for (Values), are clear on what you want in life (Vision) and have a plan to achieve it (Goals), you will be intrinsically motivated (Focus) to seeing it’s fulfilment, and you will be successful. This, in essence, are the 5 building blocks for success.


To know your purpose is to know your function as a human being. In other words, what is it that you need in order to live and to thrive. The most common and well-known school of thought to answer this question is found in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and has developed over time to Tony Robin’s core human needs. You fulfill your purpose as a human being when you fulfill your function, and that is to meet your core needs. There are six of them. You have a need for certainty, variety, significance, connection/love, growth and contribution. Failure to meet any of these needs has it’s appropriate consequence in an emotional response that usually alters our state, or the way we feel. Pay attention to your stressors and negative behaviors and question which of your six core needs isn’t met.


When you can name five core values that you hold, you will know what you stand for and decision making will be easy. You will also know what it will take for you to be anxious, stressed or angry. When any of your five core values are transgressed, it’s like someone pressing your ‘hot button’ and you fire up to defend what you value. This is what makes you uniquely YOU. Your values are based on rules you have set in your mind about how things should be. Your rules in life are based on beliefs you have adopted during your imprinting years before the age of seven. To uncover your core values, ask yourself what gets you on the defensive, what your strengths are, what do you talk about mostly, how do you spend your time and money, and lastly, what have you achieved to-date.


Your vision is a mental picture of a preferable future. The way to find this is to ask yourself what your ideal day would look like. Many of us think this is all about lying on the beach with a cocktail. The truth is, when the two weeks are up you will be wondering what’s next. We are designed to produce, to contribute, to create. These are part of our core human needs. Some people create their vision on a vision board, others write a short statement, still others use a word or picture to represent it. You need to get crystal clear on what it is you want. It can be the difference between failure and success, mediocrity and magnificence.


Your goals are a breakdown of your vision. Here is where many fall flat when setting goals. If you don’t have a crystal clear vision for your life it will be difficult to set goals and even more difficult to stay focused in achieving them. Goals can be described as sign posts or milestones. You write them down to point the way towards your vision. As you fulfil your goals you know you are on the right track. Your human brain loves clear signs. When you write a goal your subconscious mind goes into action to find a solution and starts alerting you to possibilities and opportunities as they arise. Goals also serve as motivators and push us along because they are leading us towards our vision.


You’ll find many articles on focus being the differentiating factor between the ultra-successful and not-so-successful. What we focus on is what we get to the exclusion of everything else. So in terms of its importance, we can safely say that it will make all the difference. The person who is able to focus on the positive will always see more positives and therefore increase his or her chances for new opportunities and possibilities. It’s all in your head. You create with your mind a bias towards seeing only what you choose to see. By you choosing what you want to focus on you can achieve your goals and live out your vision.


When we talk about being successful we sometimes limit our definition to money or power. Success is an elusive destination for most simply because they are not crystal clear on what they want, their vision. Sometimes the reason why they cannot experience this clarity is because they don’t really understand themselves, that is, what drives them (core needs) and what they stand for (values). These five building blocks reveals to us a logical thought sequence present in the human psyche that tells us to start with understanding ourselves first, learning to master our states, discovering what we truly want in life and then focusing on making it a reality.

Here’s to your success!