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2013 Graduate – Paul Rolle

Paul RolleWe are pleased to feature Mr. Paul Rolle, one of Citizens’ High School graduates. Paul enrolled with the intent that Citizens’ High School and it’s distance education program would allow him to follow his dreams in finding a career he could be passionate about. We asked Paul how Citizens’ benefited him and he expressed that “Citizens’ education challenged me more than a traditional education.” When seeking to pursue ones dreams, one would arguably seek a challenge to ensure they reach their goals and continue to succeed. Paul expressed to us that is exactly what Citizens’ High School did for him in his obtaining his diploma at home. With a passion for cars and and enjoying to see the world, Paul is now pursuing an education in engineering to help him enjoy these passions more. Citizens’ High School likes to recognize our passionate students and wish them all the best as they fight to work for an industry they are passionate about.

We wish you the best on your passionate journey Paul. One thing is sure about Paul, he saw the necessity in obtaining his accredited high school diploma as an integral key to his future. Do you want to have the opportunity to follow your dreams? Find out how by getting simply asking for more information.