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2013 Graduate – Nicolas Gomez Andujer

Nicolas Gomez Andujer's PortraitCitizens’ High School would like to introduce you to this well spoken and astute high school graduate Mr. Nicolas Gomez from Puerto Rico. Nicolas came to CHS with a full concept on the “versatility” that Citizens’ was going to provide him through our program. We asked Nicolas if we would recommend home school through Citizens’ and not only did he say yes, he said its especially for anyone who wants a gratifying educational experience. We asked Nicolas if he felt his tenure with Citizens’ HS benefited him and he said his distance education has benefited him in multiple ways. Citizens’ High School Diploma program prepared him for what he said is “arguably the best college” in his state and allowed him to invest in unforgettable life skills. These are experiences Nicolas said he “would not have been able to realize possible before”.

Have you ever wondered if the home school education can compare to public schools? Well here is what Nicolas has to say, “I believe the academic aspect is far improved.”

Nicolas is currently in his second year of college for a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science. He will be extending his college endeavors to collegial exchange programs that will allow him to study abroad. In parting, Nicolas would advise to take heed of Citizens’ High School and it’s homeschooling program. Nicolas wishes to make a difference in the world and we here at Citizens’ High School hopes he accomplishes his dream and accomplishes his dreams to make a difference. Keep an eye out for this adventurous Citizens’ Home School Graduate. Nicolas is working to make a difference. Are you next? You can be by finding out more about your future options.