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2013 Graduate – Kayla C. King Hoover

Kayla C. King HooverHave you ever done research and found yourself in a puddle of choices? But did you ever have one of those moments where you found exactly what you were looking for? Well that is exactly what happened when Kayla Hoover found She preferred Citizens’ High School so much that she enrolled, graduated and said she would recommend Citizens’ High School to others.  Kayla also felt that apart from being a useful tool to help her with future endeavors, she told us she could understand and comprehend Citizens’ curriculum a lot better than a typical public high school. We couldn’t be happier to hear Kayla found Citizens’ Home School an alternative to public schools. Kayla has a positive outlook on where she wants to go with her diploma and ultimately feels it is “Whatever the lord has in store” for her. Kayla has a strong belief and we commend her for her strong ethics to have faith in herself and her future. She also had a parting message for us here at CHS; “Thanks for all that you did to make my last year a good one.” We couldn’t be happier to give you a good last year Kayla. We wish you all the luck and good graces in anything you push forward to do Kayla. Kayla found the right choice. Click here to find out if Citizens’ is the right choice for you.