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2012 Graduate – Randel Young

Randel YoungPlease meet Randel Young who is a Citizens’ High School Graduate and one of Mesquite’s 139,550. He graduated in May of 2011.  His GPA throughout all four years was an almost perfect 3.94.  Randel opted for the more challenging of our two programs.  He chose the Academic track.  His overall GPA is a testament to his drive, desire, and tenacity.

Randel never set foot one day in a public school.  He recognized in junior high that he was not getting the attention he was going to need in a group paced setting.

With the support from his folks, they shopped around for a home school curriculum that would prepare him for college.  We are happy that the Young family chose our curriculum.

Randel completed all four academic years while maintaining a nearly perfect GPA in only 2 tears and nine months.  We submit to you that Randel is in a hurry to start working on his career.

His chosen career path is Radiology.  He is currently attending the Brookhaven College in that pursuit.  He is also chasing another dream of earning his pilot’s license.  We are quite confident that he will achieve both goals and do it ahead of schedule.

The next time you’re in Mesquite Texas and need an X-ray, please see Randel and tell him Citizens’ recommended him.