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2012 Graduate – Katie Boone

Katie BoonePlease meet Miss Katie Boone who can now retain the name of “Graduate”. She graduated from Citizens’ in March of 2011. Katie needed only a little more than one academic year to earn her diploma from Citizens. She was in a hurry to finish school and decided to “go at her own pace” with Citizens’.

Katie has seven brothers and sisters that supported her efforts. She achieved several goals in doing this. She finished 3 months early and most significantly, she earned a real high school diploma with a 4.0 GPA. Very impressive!

Katie feels that the private school she was attending was too easy. She wanted a challenge and an education that meant something to her. Citizens’ provided both.

We are so happy that Katie realized her goal and beyond. She has now set her sights on the next milestone in her life. Katie desires a career in the medical community. She is focusing her efforts on being a Paramedic. If she attacks that curriculum with the vigor she did Citizens’, there’s no doubt she will be a paramedic.