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2012 Graduate – Karla Taylor

Karla TaylorPlease meet Ms. Karla Taylor. She finished her high school diploma requirements at her own kitchen table. “I dropped out of high school in my 12th year. That was a dumb thing to do. I saw no point in getting my G.E.D. I was so close to finishing, but couldn’t stand it anymore. School got so hard for me during and after my pregnancy. Citizens’ afforded me the opportunity to finish at my pace in my home.” “I am a step closer now to providing for my son and having a successful future. I am studying hard now in college to become a surgical technologist. I want to show my son that no matter what, he will be provided for. I am married now and my son is five. Citizens’ gave me great support when I needed it most. Thank you Citizens.” We cannot add a lot to this. We are grateful we could provide the materials and support for Karla to finish her high school education. She proved that if a wrong choice is made it can be rectified with work, initiative, and determination. Citizens’ is proud to recommend Karla Taylor for Graduate of the month for May 2012.

Karla Taylor is Citizens’ High School’s Graduate of the Month for May 2012.