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2012 Graduate – Julia Remley

Julia RemleyWe are pleased to introduce Miss Julia Remley. July enrolled in Citizens’ High School back in 2008. When we asked her why she enrolled with us we were expecting myriad of answers. What we got was “I wanted to get done sooner.” And, that’s exactly what she did. Julia was able to complete all four academic years in only two calendar years.

Julia had her heart set on earning a Cosmetology license. Cosmetology employment was and is a stepping stone to reach her ultimate goal of a degree in theater. Since graduating from Citizens’, Julia has earned her associates from Brevard Community College and is now pursuing her BA in Theater from UCF.

The time she spent with us has provided her with a “great learning experience” as well as tools for being successful in college. She has proven that. We are proud of Julia and are happy to say that she is Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for August 2012.


Julia Remley is Citizens’ High School graduate of the month for August 2012.