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2012 Graduate – Jeff Caruso

Jeff CarusoJeff graduated from Citizens’ High School back in October of 2011. Since then he is on the hunt for his next major goal. That is, to be a certified automobile mechanic. This may not sound like a lofty goal but, it really is. With the technology that is packed into new cars, shade tree mechanics are totally lost. Jeff is studying with Penn Foster to complete his training.

Before Penn Foster and before Citizens’ Jeff was having trouble in high school. It seems, Jeff was in a high school that had many more students than it was designed to handle. Overcrowding made it exceedingly difficult for Jeff to focus on his education. He also witnessed preferential treatment of certain students. Jeff felt overwhelmed and wanted to drop out. He decided to look into alternatives with the support of his parents.

Jeff and his folks decided on Citizens’. Our curriculum and diploma program was exactly what Jeff was looking for. Jeff completed all four academic years in less than three years. He also maintained a near perfect GPA.

We asked Jeff what he thought of Citizens’ curriculum and here’s what he said. “I was able to work at my own pace which was easier than an overcrowded classroom with all the drama that it created. I recommend Citizens’ to anyone who is disappointed in public schools.”

When Jeff is not studying for certification exams, he enjoys rebuilding small engines (who’d a thought it) and playing video games. We are very proud of this young man and hope and pray for his awesome future.