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2011 Graduate – Vanessa A Stevenson

Vanessa A StevensonGarrison is a small town in the state of Kentucky. The largest nearby city to Garrison is Ashland, approximately 24 miles from the city center. The topography of Garrison is a highly dissected upland area with hilly to mountainous terrain. The earliest settlers in Garrison area entered in the 1770s. For people that have lived in Garrison for 25 years or more only 58.2% have a high school diploma or higher degree.

Although Miss Vanessa A Stevenson has not lived in Garrison for over 25 years, she is in the majority that possesses a high school diploma. She earned her diploma from Citizens Last July after completing over two academic years with us.

Vanessa chose Citizens’ and the home study format due to extensive traveling. She found it impossible to attend a brick and mortar school with any consistency. She soon discovered that learning at her own pace was far more beneficial than the group pace of public high school. Her desire for a diploma and her need to travel were reconciled by Citizens’ fully accredited format. She continues to recommend us to her family and friends.

With her high school diploma in the rear view mirror, Vanessa is now driving toward college degree. She is attending the Maysville Community College. Her desire is to earn a degree in Social Work. She is also working on a back-up plan as a Physical Therapist. Maysville Community College has a distance learning component. I wonder if Vanessa is taking advantage of that too! She completed her high school diploma requirements ahead of her peer group while learning and retaining more. There are distinct advantages to home study. We know that Vanessa will take advantage of any opportunity to learn. It is because of that hunger for knowledge and desire to succeed,

Vanessa is our June Graduate of the Month for 2011.