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2011 Graduate – Sara Benfield

Sara BenfieldCitizens High School was one of the best decisions my mother and I made. Traditional High school simply wasn’t working for her. “I felt massive anxiety, stress, and that no one cared about my education but me.” She refused to drop out of high school in her junior year, so she made the choice to teach herself with Citizens’ High School.

Shortly after becoming enrolled Sara started moving around, and “it was so nice to have that freedom that no other student had. Citizens allowed me to do what I want and be who I wanted, and that is beautiful. ”

Sara is fond on animals and enjoys spending time with her cat. She also enjoys music, writing, and drawing. Currently Sara is on her way to becoming a licensed massage therapist. “I can honestly say I have made myself proud, but I couldn’t have done it without Citizens’ High School”.

Citizens’ High School is extremely proud of Miss Sara Benfield. She demonstrated maturity beyond her years by completing what she started. She was able to recognize a problem in her life and find a responsible solution to it.

Sara Benfield is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for March 2011.