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2011 Graduate – Sara Benfield

Sara BenfieldThis lovely lady is Miss Sara Benfield. Sara Graduated from Citizens’ High school in February of last year. In the middle of her junior year she “couldn’t take it anymore”. She hated the public school she was attending but refused to be a drop-out. She felt tremendous stress and anxiety at the public high school. She didn’t think anyone cared about her well being.

Sara discussed her options with her parents and they decided Citizens’ would be a better alternative for her that public school. Sara completed one and half academic years with Citizens’ and earned her diploma from us. Sara realized the value of being a high school graduate. With diploma in hand she has enrolled in a Massage Therapy program at South Eastern Institute in South Carolina.

Citizens’ is aware that many public high schools do a fine job and truly care about their students, both academically and personally. Occasionally, a public school can seem impersonal and intimidating to some students. We are very happy that we could assist Sara in realizing her goal. We commend her on her academic endeavors and hope her future is bright.

Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for October 2011.