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2011 Graduate – Rachel Pagel

Rachel PagelThis self portrait depicts our latest graduate to be honored. This is Miss Rachel Pagel. Rachel graduated from Citizens’ High School in May of last year. Rachel had given up on high school and was ready to drop out. Her parents were required to move around a lot due to employment considerations. Rachel became an unwitting victim in the frequent moves.

Rachel discovered that every state had different requirements for earned credits and graduation. She was forced to go from being a senior in Nevada to a junior in Oklahoma. It only got worse when she moved to Oshkosh. At that point she had had enough summer school and setbacks. She was ready to drop out and endure the consequences. Fortunately, she discovered Citizens’.

She enrolled with us and completed her senior year with us. We evaluated her many transcripts and determined she only needed four courses to graduate. Rachel did graduate with good grades. We asked her how it felt to be a graduate. Here’s her response: “I feel amazing! I proved a lot of people wrong that doubted me. It has made a huge difference on job applications. I no longer have to explain why I don’t have a diploma.”

Rachel went on to share with us how much support she received from her family and friends during the process. “Without them I would probably dropped out.” Rachel’s future plans are not set in stone yet. She does want to pursue a college degree. The area of study is something she has to figure out. Perhaps she can combine her love of photography with her life long learning desire.

Rhachel is Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for November 2011.