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2011 Graduate – Rachel Margaret Marie Coffee

Rachel Margaret Marie CoffeeOver the past five decades, the city of Greenwood has grown from a small rural town with a population of under 3,000 to a thriving community of over 25,000 residents in a largely urban setting.

The first Euro-Americans to settle within the area encompassed by present-day Greenwood were the brothers John B. and Isaac Smock of Mercer County, Kentucky, who arrived in 1823. Over the next several years they were joined by a number of related families, all of whom were members of the New Providence Presbyterian Church of Mercer County, Kentucky.

Initially known as Smocktown or Smock’s Settlement, the little community officially adopted the name of Greenfield in 1825. In that same year, the first settlers organized what is now Greenwood Presbyterian Church, and Johnson County was also formed and named in honor of Judge John Johnson of the Indiana State Supreme Court.

Greenwood’s earliest schools were conducted in the town’s churches. The community pooled its resources to build a “substantial brick school.” Unfortunately, this building burned in 1865 and school had to be held in an abandoned home on East Main Street. In 1868 a new two-story four-room brick school house was dedicated. Additions to this building continued until 1899, when the structure was declared unsafe. In 1901 the building was torn down and replaced by a $17,000, twelve-room structure that housed all twelve grades. Greenwood’s growing population was also reflected by the construction of elementary schools in 1960 (Northeast) and 1962 (Southeast). In 1970 the town dedicated the new $4.5 million Greenwood High School, while the former Junior-Senior High School became Greenwood Middle School.

Today Greenwood is home to a number of multi-million dollar industrial plants, an ever-growing number of up-scale housing developments, and one of the state’s largest shopping complexes. At the same time, Greenwood has many restored Victorian homes, businesses, and specialty shops in its “Old Towne” section. Although Greenwood is undeniably one of a growing number of “bedroom communities” for Indianapolis, the citizens of Greenwood are determined to maintain the city’s integrity as a distinct community with a proud history of its own and a vital future. Now that we’ve mentioned a “Vital future” please meet Miss Rachel Margaret Marie Coffee. Rachel graduated from Citizens’ High School in August of 2010. She became aware of her intrinsic needs for a different educational system at the end of her sophomore year. Rachel decided to prepare herself for independent study early. With her parent’s blessing she enrolled with Citizens’. Most of our students finish the diploma requirements in less time than the same curriculum from a brick-and-mortar school. Rachel, although not an isolated case, took three years to finish two academic years. Initially, you may have some thoughts concerning her ability. Rachel made positive use of every single minute of the three years. She took full advantage of the “Self Pace” concept promoted in home study. She has learned her lessons very well. She completed the more challenging tract Citizens’ offers for college bound students. We are proud to say that she is enrolled in college today. She is again participating in independent study pursuing a Veterinary Technician Associate Degree. She was so impressed with Citizens’ High School, Rachel convinced her cousin to enroll. We would love to give her all the credit fir that but Rachel’s brother was enrolled with us first and recommended Citizens’ to her. Rachel is already employed in her field of study. She works for a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant. This is not a surprise. Rachel has loved and cared for animal for quite a while. It is her passion and pastime.

Citizens’ is proud to award Miss Rachel Margaret Marie Coffee the distinguished banner of August Graduate of the Month. Remember “Spay or Neuter.”