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2011 Graduate – Donald Alford

Donald AlfordBetween the arrival of first settlers around 1790 and the town’s incorporation in 1798, Russellville was known variously as Cook’s Station, Logan Court House, Rogues’ Harbour, and Big Boiling Spring. Settlers decided on the name Russellville to honor war hero General William Russell. It is the county seat of Logan County, one of Kentucky’s original counties. Several downtown homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1862, during the Civil War, Confederate sympathizers met in the Russellville Convention and created a Confederate government for Kentucky. Kentucky had previously declared its neutrality and did not officially secede, so the Southern sympathizers formed an alternate government after the state’s government had been taken over by Union supporters. This pro-Confederate government was recognized by the Confederacy, which admitted Kentucky to that nation and placed a star for Kentucky on the Confederate flag.

Outlaw Jesse James and his gang robbed the Southern Deposit Bank in Russellville on March 20, 1868. A Russellville bank on the city square has a large mural depicting the hold up. Russellville conducts a reenactment of the robbery (called a “play on horseback”) during the annual Tobacco and Heritage Festival.

Meet a modern day outlaw (of sorts).  This is Donald Alford.  Donald attended his freshman year at a public high school.  It seems that public schools take offense to you missing too many class days.  Donald was indeed a public school outlaw.

Donald has a passion that has fueled him all his life.  That passion, motocross racing.  Before passing judgment consider this: motocross racing is a very physically demanding sport.  The average mans maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute; motocross racers heart rate for 30 minutes typically is 190-200 beats per minute. The amount of g-force and pressure put on the arms as one lands, as well as braking/acceleration bumps is enough to pull and strain the muscles with ease. Nothing gets one sorer than MX.  When we think of motocross, we think of it from the stands.

Donald’s passion for racing caused him to miss many, many class days as he traveled the racing circuit.  His parents although supportive, realized that a diploma was not optional.  After an Internet search for “Homeschool” high schools, Donald and his folks decided on Citizens’.  The fact that Citizens’ is an accredited school weighed heavy in their decision. Donald enrolled in September of 2007 and finished all three academic years last March. That’s six months ahead of his peer group while traveling and racing!

Donald’s dedication and passion is about to pay off.  He will be turning pro this fall.  He has picked up a couple sponsors and will earn a living racing off road motorcycles.  He has made many friends while racing.  He has shared his academic accomplishment with others in the circuit.  They were so impressed that three of his buddies are enrolled with us.  We are grateful for the business, but we are more grateful that our young ones value an education and are stepping out of the box to get it.

We are very proud of Donald for his dedication to his passion and to his desire to earn a high school diploma.  We wish him all the success due him and pray for his safety.

Donald Alford is Citizens’ High School’s Graduate of the Month for February 2011.

Donald Alford is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2011.