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2011 Graduate – Brittany Ann Overturf

Brittany Ann OverturfThe earliest history of Siloam Springs dates to 1835 when Simon Sager settled on a farm one mile west of what is now the City of Siloam Springs. The 28 springs along the creek were named in his honor, “Sager Creek”. His original dwelling has been restored and is now located on the campus of John Brown University.
The first settlement was called Hico, and in 1884 Caldeen D. Gunter settled there. At about this time the Hico Post Office was established. This was later moved to Siloam City (Siloam Springs). Hico was a prominent trading post with the Cherokee nation and consisted of two stores and a mill.

In 1879 it was discovered that the waters contained medicinal qualities and the establishment of a summer resort began. The first anniversary of the town was celebrated on the 24th of June. In March 1880, J.V. Hargrove laid out the original plat of Siloam City. The name was later changed to Siloam Springs. Due to the reputation gained as a summer resort and the prospect of the railroad through town, the town was incorporated during its first year of existence on December 22, 1881, with a population of over 3,000. After this initial “boom” many of the transient residents returned to their homes and the population dwindled to about half. This was the only time in the history of the town that the population dwindled so rapidly.

At an altitude of 1,183 feet above sea level, the climate consists of an average temperature of 58.4 degrees and an average rainfall of 41.75 inches. Snow is usually at a premium and makes few appearances during the season, and spring brings an abundance of beautiful Dogwoods.

When the subject of beautiful is mentioned, one must consider Citizens’ High School’s first Graduate of the Month for the New Year.  This beautiful young lady is Ms. Brittany Ann Overturf.  Brittany graduated from Citizens’ in January of 2010.  She needed only 5 courses to earn her diploma.  She earned the diploma with a near perfect GPA.
Brittany completed almost three years of public high school before she discovered her learning style was just not compatible with the teaching methods of the government run school.  She also could not get past the feeling that her teachers were just there for a paycheck and didn’t care about their charges.  Brittany soon realized that individual help was a phone call away with the Citizens’ counselors.

When Brittany is not studying her lessons, you can find her hunting with her boyfriend.  She also enjoys playing soccer.  Brittany’s athleticism may have something to do with her youth.  Even though she is so young, her eyes are firmly focused on the future.  She is already enrolled in the Northwest Technical Institute.  She has a goal to become a nurse.  NTI offers a diploma program in Practical Nursing.  There is no doubt in the minds of the Citizens’ staff that she will be very successful.  We wish her all the best for 2011 and her nursing career.
Ms Brittany Ann Overturf is Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for January 2011.


Brittany Ann Overturf is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2011.