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2010 Graduate – Rayna Synove

Rayna SynoveIn 1855 the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company built toward Janesville, Wisconsin, from Cary. Projecting where trains from Chicago would have to stop for servicing in the days of wood fuel, Elbridge Gerry Ayer and two other North Western stockholders platted a community in southeastern Chemung Township. They purchased the land without mentioning their railroad affiliation. As railroad employment expanded, Harvard’s population ballooned. In 1868 voters incorporated the community, and elected Ayer as president.

In 1942, Harvard instituted an annual celebration called Harvard Milk Days. A lavish parade down whitewashed streets presided over by a large fiberglass Holstein cow named (since 1970) Harmilda attracted thousands.

Harvard can now have another parade for one of their recent graduates.  This beautiful young woman is Miss Rayna Synove.  Rayna graduated with her diploma from Citizens’ in February of last year.  She only needed one academic year to satisfy the requirements for a diploma.  She completed those requirements in only seven months.  She maintained a perfect 4.0 as well.

After three years in a public high school, she wanted more than it was capable of offering.  Rayna needed go at her own pace.  She also become disillusioned about the sincerity of her teachers,  She felt their motivation was not on the success of their charges.   So, with the blessing of her folks, she finished high school at her kitchen table with Citizens’ High School curriculum.

Miss Synove is now in college.  She is pursuing courses that will lead to a state certified massage therapist.  She is taking classes from Cartiva Institute in Crystal Lake, IL.   As we had expected, she is doing quite well too!

Rayna Synove is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for April 2010.