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2010 Graduate – Lauren Hoblit

Lauren HoblitWilliam Gunder came to Ohio during the summer of 1816.  He became the first settler of Section 8 in Twin Township when he camped southwest of what is now Arcanum near a tributary of Miller’s Fork in 1817.

In the fall of 1848 William requested that a town be platted by G&MRR surveyors from the land he had acquired.  William insisted that a unique name be selected for his new town.  After much discussion, Arcanum (a Latin word which meaning secret or hidden) was chosen. Arcanum is a village in Darke County, in the Greenville metro area.

The Gunder family moved into a new home during the summer of 1833 and in 1835 Caroline Gunder became the first of eight Gunder children born on the land now  part of Arcanum.

By the end of June l852, most of the lots in the original plat were sold and William added another plat containing more lots to the original town on August 9, 1852 and recorded the Gunder Addition on August 5, 1853.  Arcanum had grown to include 59 lots and the Gunder home.

At the time of the last survey, 1,207 people in the community had a high school degree, or 88.6 of the population (compared to the national average of 80.40%).

Please meet a very proud and accomplished part of Arcanum’s 88.6%.  This is Ms. Lauren Hoblit.  Lauren graduated from Citizens’ High School in June of 2009.  She completed two and a half academic years in a little over a year.  She did this while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA.    She was able to do this she says because “I learn better on my own.”  She continued to explain that there was little to no personal attention in public high school. She also was not too crazy about the lack of control over the courses she had to take.

Lauren has a very close knit family.  She was able to discuss her feelings about public high versus home school with her folks.  They agreed to give “it” a try.  Citizens’ High School was the perfect fit for Lauren and her family.  She earned a high school diploma a full year ahead of her peer group as a result of that decision.

Lauren is no gainfully employed with a small business in Arcanum.  She took an accounting course and does accounting for the company.  Lauren has married to the man of her dreams.  Together, the two of them have dedicated their lives to the Lord Jesus and striver to be good Christians.

Lauren enjoys scrapbooking and making cards to encourage people in her community that need lifting up.  She also spends time assisting her husband with his new business.

Lauren Hoblit is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for March 2010.